October 14, 2011

All In A Day - My Me Time

Going to Makati is always a big thing, and planning ahead enables me to fix my schedule and prioritize the tasks at hand...and visit people close to my heart.

For this Makati trip, since MegaPlaza is the nearest to my place, I visited my good friend - Cielo. Cielo and I became friends during our stay in Bayantel in 1996. Cielo now works as an Engineer at ZTE. So this is ZTE...

From ZTE, I walked going to Sunlife to pay for my family's insurance.

Sunlife's guard told me Valero St (where Raku Hokkaido Ramen's located) is just 2 blocks away, so I decided to just walk. I didn't wear glasses nor contact lenses, my friend Beda was not around, plus I am bad at directions, so it took me more than 30 minutes to locate Raku...huhuhuhu!

From Valero St., I walked going to Greenbelt 3 to buy John his novel books at Sketch. When my friend Beda walked with me on my last Makati trip, the distance feels short...hindi pala! Ang sakit ng mga paa ko, huhuhuhu! When I saw this sign from a guys shirt, nawala ang pagod ko. I stopped them so that I can take a rest, err, to take a closer shot and exchange some words with them. Thanks for the time guys!

Sa sobrang pagod, I went to Chris Sports and tried on the new running shoes they're promoting...ohhh, it feels so good to sit down.


  1. I heard about your Makati trips before but it seems each trip you make brings a lot of new, exciting stories to share. Di ko na kaya 'yan, Joy...my feet easily surrender now :)(

  2. Ate Chel: Sinasamantala ko pa ang malakas na paa, maybe in 5 or more years, di ko na kakayanin.

  3. girl normal tlaga sa makati ang walkathon ayuko ko nga mag work dyan kse lakad to death....


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