October 11, 2011


Today and two other days ago are not ordinary days for me. Normally, I'd talk for hours with my friends on the phone, while chatting with two (or more) other friends in both FB and YM. There's too much going on that I'd like to curse and get back at this individual who tries mightily to ruin whatever I have worked hard for in my little blogging world. Yes, an eye for an eye! But then I realized, I'm too blessed to be stressed. I will not crumble and be hampered by whatever negativity this person is causing. Instead, I choose to bless her so that she will be a blessing to others rather than a burden.

This very day - this unhappy day, I keep in mind the words I read from my sister-in-law's (Ate Cleo) FB wall: Too much energy is wasted on ANGER, FRUSTRATION, DOUBT and FEAR for the worst! Choose to exercise your positive energy to defeat the negative with LAUGHTER, SATISFACTION, FULFILLMENT and CONTENTMENT. The choice is yours to make everyday your absolute best! You may never get a second chance to make a difference in the life of others! LIVE SAFE, SPEAK LITTLE, LISTEN LARGE and STAY POSITIVE.

I'd like to extend warmest gratitude to my PMC Family, though I'm not very active in the group, everyone gives not just techie advice more so with love and affection.

Another silent friend, my angel, Sie - pops every now and then, with wonderful and inspiring thoughts.

Indeed, we learn valuable lessons in every day existence. I have come to realize that true friends come in time of sorrow and grief, special mention goes to Nora, Jes, Marj and Nicquee for sending uplifting messages. Nicquee - for going the extra mile. Nix, as I've said in my text, I appreciate you now more than ever!


  1. Oh gosh.... I wish i am techie enough :))

  2. Awww glad to know you got it all sorted out. I've been quite busy too lately and my internet connection sucks for 3 days now so I've been offline most of the time too :(

    Have a good day! See you soon!

  3. Ms.Joy I am so blessed of who you are..xensya po I didn't visit you for a long time..I had slight heart pains po lately..you know what keeps me going back to your site..your SMILE..that alone even we haven't met brings joy..your name gives meaning..you really give joy to everyone on every way..

    Being grateful for each day Ms.Joy..each day as I have said is a part of our journey..so just accept what happens each day in our lives because we are all in a process of maturity..

    *hay Ms.Joy lika po hmmmmmmmmm hug kita though virtually po..ganda ng song Ms.Joy..I had tears po listening to it..it made me feel that I am blessed..you are a blessing Ms.Joy..stay happy po..magandang umaga po :) * ♥♥♥

  4. i want to think i'm techy too but my knowledge is limited, lol. look everything in positive way. make it a blessing in disguise.. :)

  5. What I love about PMC is that we are FAMILY and nobody gets left behind.

    I am not so techie, if I sound one. I just know some and I love imparting to others what I know. And if ever you need anything, just holler at me and we'll learn together.

  6. Jes, Kat, Nuts, Sie, Nicquee - you are all wonderful women, who have touched my heart in so many ways. THANK YOU!

  7. Pardon my ignorance, Joy...what does PMC stand for?:-)

  8. I used to be a true-blue suplada, a bitch at times and I was the type who gets stressed out easily...I get emotional a lot in the past. But when I got older (yes, I am older than you, gurls), things changed. I "mellowed down." And I must add that I also owe that to growing up spiritually. It feels so liberating to let go of negative feelings and ideas. When one always consider first where the other person must be coming from, it's easier to understand and forgive. And always, give people the benefit of doubt before reacting negatively.

    I'm happy for you to have such supportive friends. We all need them esp.in these stressful times :-)

    And Joy, Ate Chel is just a text away, too :-)

  9. Ate Chel: This only goes to say, tumatanda na rin talaga ako - not in a negative kind of way, but maturing emotionally na. Dati kasi, pag may nang away sakin - aawayin ko din, susugurin ko...ngayon, pinatatawad ko na lang at pinagdarasal. PMC, by the way, is Pinay Mommy Community, a community of Mommy Bloggers here and abroad.

  10. I'm not that active on the PMC group too, though I do read posts and comments every so often and it's so nice to read about mums helping out each other. I'm not close to anyone in the group, and I hope to meet some of the members someday.

  11. i never know that you experienced this kind of feeling maybe eto ln ung troubles mo because you are blessed with a perfect life....m not be around when ur upset but your always in my heart love you sis....


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