October 3, 2011

Chef’s Table

This is my second time to dine at Chef’s Table, fully-owned and operated by Chef Bruce Lim, located at Unit 106 The Infinity Tower, 26th Street The Fort Global. Each visit brings gastronomical pleasure! The menu at Chef's Table is made up of Filipino dishes, mainly inspired by Chef Bruce's Kapampangan grandmother. Although Chef Bruce is a Filipino-Chinese who was born and raised in America, he opted to feature Pinoy cuisine with a twist - a mouth-watering twist! Chef Bruce is not afraid to experiment. To name a few of this delectable experiments, Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti, Buko Pie Martini and Chill-a-Fino, a Chinese style steamed lapu-lapu on a bed of mashed Filipino ube. Unfortunately, Chill-a-Fino was not available the time of our visit, there were no lapu-lapu catch that day due to Typhoon Pedring.

The ambiance at Chef's Table is elegant. It had wooden tables that had pencil slots on each of the space provided for guests. I like it when dining places have pencils, crayons and papers for it keeps a diner busy while waiting for the food. They use brown/recycled paper, another indication of Chef Bruce's environmental awareness and advocacy.

This is the first restaurant that I've seen with an open kitchen where people could see how the "clean-shave head" (in short, bald) chefs are cooking the food.

Yes, all chefs at Chef's Table are required to go bald for hygienic purposes, and probably to go with the theme since the restaurant's owner has the same do. The male servers are required to have a crew cut but most of them, all of them actually, are sporting an almost bald top (skin head). They all look great, reminds me of the monks and all the karate movies my Kuya Bob loves to watch.

While waiting, I chanced upon this sign, Dine for 2 at P1,200. With five course menu, it's super sulit! Bring that special lady or that gorgeous guy you're eyeing, impress her or him. Chef Bruce, if not busy, is at Chef's Table almost every night for dinner.

This is the function room on the second floor where you can view the cooking and all the activities happening at the ground floor This is a great place to spend with family and friends.

And now, the highlight of this post...the FOOD!

A Davao Salad at P310, is mixed greens in durian vinaigrette topped with pan seared tuna, Davao fruits and vegetables is tasty enough, it'll make a great light lunch for those watching their figure.

Bagoong rice is common to many restaurants, be it Thai or Chinese, so head on and try Chef's Aligi Rice.

Pasta lover? Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti will keep you coming back at Chef's Table. The saltiness of the tuyo oil and flakes, combined with the calamansi then topped with quezo de bola, hmmm, makes me hungry just thinking of it...

My mother-in-law (and probably most moms) cooks the best tortang talong, but you've got to taste Chef's Tortang Talong - the salted egg (I like salted egg a lot!) blended well with it.

Don't shy away from Buko Pie Martini. It may sound common with the buko pie, but this is Chef's Table's new take of the well-known Pinoy pasalubong. Also, don't be afraid with the martini word, for this dessert is just called this way because it's served in a martini glass.

Joyful to have spent an afternoon with the following, from right, Ning of Ning4u, Tita Carol of RPA, Em and Anne of Chef's Table, and my friend Lyn of Momshug. Not to forget my husband, John, who diligently took all the nice photos.


  1. OMG TORTANG tlong!!!! sarap!! pakainin mo ko dyan!!!!

  2. Tortang talong I've always loved...and so does my bunso Jaden!!! The place looks classy but the food is so folksy.

  3. Jes and Ate Chel: Tara kain tayo dyan. I might bring my October Top Commentator at Chef's Table...

  4. ayun oh me extra na chubby ahihi...thanks sis Joy see you soon.Visit mine also for the article mwahhh.


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