October 18, 2011

Innocent or Not

Spending time with our brothers and sisters behind bars in Mandaluyong City Jail proved to be a humbling experience. I went there to give a little of my time. What I got? I went home with a reflection that whatever problems I encounter from time to time is of little significance, that I am so blessed in every aspect of my life, and that life has to be valued each and every millisecond of time.

Many of them are in prison for years, still waiting for their cases to be solved. I am not in a position to say who's innocent and who's not - just like anyone of us, they too need someone to give them hope. Hope that one day, if they are guilty of the crime they committed, they'll see the light. If innocent, hope that one day the judges holding their cases will conclude a fair justice.

Our group, composed of four only, will be back in Mandaluyong City Jail on November 21 for an early Christmas Party with the inmates. Any help you can extend, be it in kind or cash will be greatly appreciated. What they need, yellow shirts, underpants, soap, shampoo, sanitary napkins.

Meet Rowenta Santos. She underwent colostomy in the past. She needs colostomy bags but since a colostomy bag is very expensive, she uses an ordinary plastic - the plastic use for making ice. She needs a lot of this ice plastic, 100 pieces of this plastic lasts only for 2 days. If you wish to donate, please leave a message here.

Part of their livelihood projects are bag making. I have seen a similar bag in a popular bag shop which costs around P1,700. They only sell the bag at half the price or maybe lower.

For those who have extra time and blessings, feel free to join us on our next outreach, email me at joydamendiola@yahoo.com


  1. What a priceless experience Joy. Let me know, if i can help you in any way.

  2. Thanks Barbs. We'll be feeding 100 to 130 inmates. Would you like to share any amount for that?

  3. Ruby has this among her many ministries...a Christian friend is also inviting me to go in one...I'd love to when I have more time to spare.

  4. oh this is so nice!!! I wish i can donate alot nut 12 shirts muna for now hehehe ;))

  5. I used to visit them when I was student during field trip and I will never forget their words "pakabait kayo wag kayo gaya sa amin". Just don't judge them, they have their reasons why they're in jail.


Thank you for the joyful comments!