October 17, 2011

Internet Addiction - A Growing Threat

Internet addiction or IAD is defined as problematic, excessive and pathological computer and internet overuse that interferes with daily life.

Such is the case of this young woman - whom we met at Parentin.tv Bloggers Day. Her photo is blurred intentionally to protect her identity. This is a classic example of an affluent and intelligent girl gone wayward because of excessive internet use.

She vividly remembers using computer at age 3, playing games that use cute characters. From there it became an addiction, in which she has no knowledge of. In high school, she'd cut classes just so she can play internet games and communicate with her online friends. She lost her ability to socialize with her friends and classmates. She gained tremendous weight by refusing to do other activities. Worst, she developed multiple personalities and started visiting porn sites pretending to be an adult. She chatted with men and women who'd pay for sexual conversations. She was in denial for a long time - refusing to admit that she was already an internet addict.

Then some four years ago her family has no other recourse but to send her to a formation house - GOLDEN VALUES SCHOOL (GVS). Golden Values School was founded by Bob and Emy Garon, it is now handled by their daughter, Vanessa Garon. Golden Values School does not only focus on the academics, they focus on teaching values and right living.

If any of your child or you as an adult feels too hooked on the Internet feel free to contact GVS

For additional characteristics and symptoms of Internet Addiction, click photos below.


  1. Internet could be useful or destructive..but the responsibility will always be on the user..I also know one ms.Joy..she was a Mom taking care of her kids before but when she started chats on facebook..she would stay late at night and even her kids are already complaining..learning to manage our time and knowing our priorities..

    Internet can really be addicting because it is really easy to use and accessible even to young ones..guidance from us parents is really important..

  2. Nakuwento ko n b sau ipapa rehab n daw ako nga asawa ko :))

  3. As in our children's other activities (studies, TV viewing, movies, printed reading materials, friendships, etc.) internet use must be closely monitored or supervised by parents. Personally, I always try to acquaint myself with just about anything my kids engage in so I can relate with them and more importantly, guide them. Parents nowadays can't afford to be ignorant of technology. We have to keep abreast of their activities so we'd know if they are in trouble already. We also have to impose some rules and sanctions. And we must model correct internet usage. I remind my kids of privacy settings. I do visit their pages regularly. And I encourage them to do other stuffs. We have to be vigilant because in the cyber world, it's also a jungle out there!

  4. On the other note, I've always admired the Garons for their advocacy on the formation of good values. Glad to know they are also addressing this timely issue of internet addiction.

  5. d ko masyadong problem when it comes to computer my kids know their limits and they only play during weekends.


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