October 13, 2011

Mom's L-O-V-E

When a woman becomes a mother, she stops being a woman - she eventually becomes a MOTHER. A mother who goes out shopping, hoping to buy that nice stilettos but usually ends up buying stuff for her child.

Baby and kids contest abound and during this time Moms make a great effort for the child to win. Just like what I did last month when I asked help from you to vote for my twins at Magnolia Name The Twins Contest (winners to be announced soon).

This time around, I'd like to solicit a little of your precious time. Please visit and leave a comment to my friend's entry to JOHNSON's My Kid is Growing Up So Fast Contest.

Salamat ng marami!


  1. Sure, basta ikaw...
    But I beg to disagree, we never stop being a woman even if we become Moms :-) We just become a Super Woman! Yeheyyy!!!

  2. sorry pede pa ba late na me ata...


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