October 15, 2011

A Newer and Better Multiply

Multiply used to be just a social networking site focusing mainly on personal blogs, and sharing photos and videos. Many Filipinos saw the opportunity and used Multiply to market or sell their products and services, and because of this Multiply's big bosses abroad saw the need to expand, thus the newer and better Multiply Commerce is now available. Multiple Commerce is a new flatform that enables one to to buy and sell in a safer and better way.

Last month, Multiply invited both hobbyists and bloggers to take a peek on what Multiply has to offer. The event was hosted by Azrael Coladilla - both a hobbyist and a blogger.

Collectors were taught and encouraged to turn their passion into something better - sell to earn more. My husband is a hobbyist - from comic and novel books, to statues, cars and other stuff. At the event, we both learned we can make money (a lot of money!) should we decide to be a seller.

One of John's favorite shop, where he buys some of his toys and gadgets is Kim Store. I had an account at Multiply since 2007, it's high time I update and earn some (or more maybe) moolah.


  1. Now, I remember...I once bought baby tees available only via a Multiply account. But me, I regularly sell my varied stuffs via another site and the feedbacks there were fast and positive so maybe unless I have a regular line of products, I'd stick to that other site. My Multiply acct.hardly gets visited.....

  2. I have an account here pero d ko na sya na oopen forgot the password na nga.


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