November 1, 2011

One of the Best Teachers

Having Julia, Rafael and Juan is my greatest accomplishment. Having them was not an easy feat. Before conceiving the twins, I had to endure the monthly injection to cure my endometriosis. That's why I always document the imporant happenings in their lives - specially all the firsts - first turn over, first words, first steps, first solid food and others. I took photos of it all.

On this post, I'd like to thank one of the best teachers in the whole wide world, TEACHER MAFEL SARMIENTO. Teacher Mafel used to work at Angel's Learning Institute where we enrolled Julia and Rafael in 2006. I'm happy that she was the first school teacher of the twins because El and Ia enjoyed going to class every single day.

In 2009, it was Juan's turn to start schooling. I was elated to learn that it's still Teacher Mafel who's handling the Nursery class.

Teacher Mafel is one of those teachers we will remember for the rest of our lives. She is sincerely friendly, nice, accommodating and cool. Teacher Mafel talks softly and sweetly to students and parents alike. For the past 5 years that we've known her, I haven't seen her without a smile on her face.

For her birthday last year, I made five-layer malunggay pancake, using Maya Pancake.

Dear Teacher Mafel, we're far from you now but you will always be close to our hearts!


  1. Happy birthday, Sir Mafel! The kids sure are lucky to have a teacher like him.

  2. Greetings, Teacher Mafel! Continue to bring the kids joy in learning :-)

  3. ayyyy....I miss her tuloy iba tlga ang "teacher mafel touch" Ethan was able to lead there sportfest presentation without hesitation because of her and even though nasa elem. building na si Ethan she still play with him if they met. Thank you teacher "MAFEL"


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