October 15, 2011

Products Born Out of Love and Conciousness for Human and Nature

More often than not, natural products are very expensive - specially the imported ones. Good thing Human Nature was launched in 2008. The founders of Human Nature felt the need to create products that use sustainable resources and is biodegradable, in short Human Nature products were born out of love and conciousness for human and nature. They also put in mind to provide natural products that is highly affordable by the Filipinos. Human Nature products are 100% manufactured in the Philippines and is now being distributed in the USA.

My husband had Dengue in 2006, that's why Human Nature's Cintronella Bug Spray is used by every member of my family everyday. When I do my shower at night, I sometimes put Citronella Bug Spray in the oil burner. The fume actually relaxes me.

From the Blogapalooza lootbag, Spray Sanitizer and Lip Balm. Julia and I have dry and cracked lips but I don't allow her to use chemically based petroleum jelly. Now, I'm comfortable to let her use Human Nature's Peppermint Lip Balm for I know it is made of 100% natural products. The hand sanitizer sanitizes without making my hands dry.


  1. HUMAN NATURE is one of my driving force when I started my blog http://www.thevendormom.com/. Knowing the products and its benefits, I decided to become a dealer agad because I want to share the goodness of using natural products to my family and friends. Pareho tayo, avid fan din ako ng Citronella bug spray nila, minsan kahit wala na akong time magbenta, di ko ma-resist yun mga buyers nito kse I know na this amazing product would really help specially during the outbreak of dengue, thus I always keep a supply in our house.

    Glad to know you also into natural products mommy Joy!

    See you soon,
    Weng (not Nikole, hehehe)

  2. Hi Weng! Yes you Weng and not Nicole, nakakalito kayong dalawa. Aba, Human Nature dealer ka pa, that's nice!

  3. yes Ms.Joy I have heard about it na po..it is really effective..my cousins and I use it..I tried using the bug spray but my kids where irritated of the scent but I know they'll get use to it..magandang umaga po Ms.Joy ;)

  4. I want to try those Human Nature products too, I'm looking for shampoo for falling hair prob. meron kaya sila.. salamat sa dalaw and glad this blog is fine now. :)

  5. So where do I purchase Human Nature products? Online only or are they sold in stores? Most of the natural products I buy are from Healthy Options...eh ang mahal dun!

  6. Sie: Nice talaga products nila.
    Josie: I think they have shampoo for falling hair, or you might want to try Nouvo.
    Ate Chel: Yes, ang mahal sa Healthy Options! I used to be addicted at HO, pero when the 3 came ay, tipid tipid na. There are many dealers of Human Nature. Or you might want to visit their site.

  7. i'll try it nga kala ko ung statue I wonder saan ang human nature?(I thought newly launched na statue)...nge...


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