October 22, 2011

Real Steel Movie

I'm not a fan of the sport - boxing, but John wanted to Watch Real Steel and since it's Hugh Jackman in the lead, last October 17 we headed at Greenhills Theater to watch Real Steel. I ended up liking the movie thus watching it again last October 20 with John and our kids.

If you're into boxing and robots, then Real Steel is a movie for you. Starring Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton - a retired boxer, and Dakota Goyo as Max, eleven year old son of Charlie. The movie was directed by Shawn Levy, of Date Night and Night at the Museum.
Rating: PG-13

Synopsis: The story revolves around robots fighting in the boxing arena while being controlled by humans. The scene is set in the future although they did not say exactly when. More than the fighting-boxing, the movie shows father and son being re-united after 11 years when the mother died. Both father and son meet for the first time, discovering each other and learning what family is all about.


  1. we loved the movie too Joy! :) apart from the action, the emotion bet father and son is moving. But Hugh Jackman as always worth the watch (wink)

  2. Yes, Barbie, LOVE the movie! Grabe Hugh's so buff. I like the scene when we was practicing Atom, he's butt...ooh la la!

  3. Been busy last week, didn't have the chance to watch a movie with visiting sis Millet. Will see if Tatay can still troop to the movie house for this film :)

  4. sounds good we will watched this for sure....sa dvd na nga lng...


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