October 15, 2011

Wonderful Magic Workshop

Julia is a very intelligent girl but she's super shy. As a stage mom, err, a cool and supportive mom I'd like to develop her talents as well as her socialization skills. I enrolled her in Inspire Magic Workshop under the magic wand of Mr. JB Dela Cruz. This morning was the first day. There were 9 kids who joined this wonderful workshop. Aside from being a cool teacher, JB was very patient in teaching the kids. Most of the girls (there were 4 of them including Julia) seem coy and reserve. JB did not just taught the kids magic tricks because after the workshop, the kids seem more comfortable and confident performing in front of an audience.

Before wrapping up the first day of the magic workshop Teacher-Magician JB asked all the participants to perform four magic tricks they learned earlier.

Lunch and snacks were provided, not bad eh for P5,000 fee. Tomorrow's the last of this two-day Magic Workshop with Trickmaster Mr. JB Dela Cruz.


  1. nice workshop for Julia! keep it up Julia!!

  2. Julia dear, you've gotta show Tita Chel and my boys some of the magic tricks you learned, okay? :) Will your Mom be your assistant? ;)

  3. innate na tlaga k julia but i think she's not shy kse you don't need to push her naman to do such thing diba d lng tlaga sya assertive or talkative like other kids kse exposed na exposed naman sya eh....


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