November 27, 2011

BUM + Cosplay = One of a Kind Fashion Show

Local clothing brand BUM brought the Cosplay trend to the fore with a one-of-a-kind fashion show last Friday, November 25 at the SM Mall of Asia.

Costume play or “cosplay”, which is the act of dressing up as a fictional character inspired from an anime TV series, or a character they idolized, has found its way into the youth’s wardrobe. Cosplay is no longer a style but it has become a “trend” that is normally seen and worn on the streets.
Interestingly, the fashion show showcased BUM’s new collection for the Holidays. Attendees won fabulous prizes courtesy of Netopia Internet Café and Ideal Vision. BUM products are available at BUM Boutiques and leading Department Stores nationwide. and like BUM's page .

I enjoyed watching the cosplayers strut their way on the ramp.

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  1. I didn't like the whole collection but there are a couple killer jeans that I would like to buy from BUM. I think it's time to dress like a rebel teen again. Haha!

  2. cool fashion show!!! kakaiba nga :)

  3. iba na tlaga trend ngayon before c heart pa model nila pa cuty cuty lng pero nice then design ngayon medyo rock n roll ang dating.

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