November 18, 2011

ETON International School - A School Without Borders

How often do you find yourself getting frustrated in teaching your child? Do you feel that your child's learning pace is a bit slow compared to other children? Worst, do you sometimes compare or force your child to adapt to your learning style when you where a student back in the 70's, 80's, or 90's? Some may feel that this kind of parent is bad, but there's actually no harm in wanting your child to do best in school, but the question is: are you doing it the right way? I, myself personally feel guilty of being hard on my children when it comes to studying.

I was fortunate to be invited and learn about a school without borders. ETON International School is an unconventional school that adapts the latest learning styles and technological advances for best approaches in nurturing children by incorporating important elements such as, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration across networks and leading influence, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information, and curiosity and imagination. This multifaceted curriculum includes lessons and activities based on the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles to help every person to discover and reach his or her highest potential.

ETON believes that children are the crown jewels of the school so they respect and accept every child's need to learn the best and easiest way by first finding out about his or her learning strengths and preferences and the abilities to focus and learn. There are two general processing styles: the analytical and the global. Global learners, for example, absorb new knowledge faster in an environment with soft lighting and non-traditional seating. Analytic learners, on the other hand, learns best in an environment with bright light and traditional seating positions. This is why in all of their classrooms ETON provides both a couch and the chair and table setting.

ETON's curriculum also uses the Learning Styles to provide guides for effective teaching strategies, through assessment of the students' preferred modalities of perception: visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. At ETON, students discover their own learning styles by taking a Learning Styles Assessment Test - results are known in a few minutes. In turn, teachers adapt the needs and learning preferences of their students based on the test. ETON also put emphasis on the great value the parents play in their children's education. ETON encourages parents to take the definitive assessment test, too, so they can also understand the similarities and differences of learning styles between themselves and their children, thus creating a more harmonious and faster way of teaching and learning.

ETON's school facilities is very conducive to learning: Classrooms are air conditioned, installed with security camera and LCD projectors, computers. They also have Music Room, Interfaith Room, Science Laboratory, Basketball Court, Swimming Pool, Canteen and Preschool Outdoor Play Area.

(Photo source: Eton website)

ETON accepts both the local and foreign communities in Manila. The school is located at 1839 Dr. Vasquez Street, Malate, Manila, with Telephone numbers: (632) 522-1003 or 526-2994 to 95.
ETON's bigger campus is located at Quezon Avenue 3, Vinzon St., cor J. Abad Santos,
Heroes Hill, Quezon City


  1. Nice school...but must be very expensive :) There is also a new school by the same name in Heroes Hill, is it a branch?

  2. Yes, Ate Chel, it's another branch. It's a bigger branch Actually.

  3. i worked here before but this is not ETON yet before. it was LITTLE SCHOOL in ROBINSONS MALATE :) I was an assistan teacher there before :)

    I miss my kiddos :)

    I can still say their names and i have photos of them :) so nice to remember ;)

  4. If I had the money, I wouldn't think twice about sending my daughter to an international school... Quality education is really's probably the best gift we could give our kids.

  5. wow!!! the place is really conducive,every corner is catchy how I wish I could send my kids to that kind of school. It's true that maybe we just don't know the real or the right approach to our kids...

  6. Hi! I heard good reviews on Eton. My sister asked me to scout for a school near our place, and Eton is one of them.
    How much is the tuition fee for grade schoolers?

  7. Hi Anonymous! Yes, Eton is definitely a great school. For tuition, you might want to call their office, please refer in my post.


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