November 6, 2011

Family Time at LazerXtreme

A unique way of spending family time is playing at LazerXtreme at the 4th Floor Market! Market! Mall, Global City Taguig - which we did some 4 Fridays ago. LazerXteme has another branch at 2nd Level Alabang Town Center, Alabang Muntinlupa City

When we arrive at the venue, the lobby is packed with people from different countries.

At the briefing room - where players watch a short video of the do's and don'ts

before the game starts.

At the vesting room

Originally, it was just the kids and John who were going in. I didn't expect that the experience will excite me, I was dead wrong. Locked and loaded and let the game begin!

It was just a fifteen minute game inside the laser tag arena, but the fun and experience is worth coming back to. Our pink team played with Blue Team (composed of British boys ages 9 to 12), and Green Team (composed of American boys, ages 10 and up).

After the game, Julia and Rafael asked that their birthday be done here.

During our visit I learned that LazerXtreme caters for birthday and other special occasions. Below is their party venue and the rates (in case you feel like spending that joyful event).

Special thanks to Nora of More Than Just A Sahm for the extra tickets

and Rich of LazerXtreme for the wonderful accommodation.

Regular Laser Tag Rates:

190 per person per game on Weekend

170 per person per game on Weekday

Up to 30 active players per game inside the arena for Market Market branch

Up to 40 active players per game inside the arena for Alabang Town Center branch


  1. ang saya naman ng family time!! swak n swak sa fam nyo :D

  2. ooh wow! thanks for the linkyh love here! glad you enjoyed to the extreme! :)

  3. We've been wanting to try this but I'd say we'll wait until Jaden is old enough to enjoy it. Saka ang layo rin kasi sa amin:)

  4. it looks so exciting!!!I can't wait to play with my kids....


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