November 13, 2011

Manny Pacquiao's Phenomenon

Usually on any given weekend (or day for that matter), during a Manny Pacquiao fight we make it a point to go out of town because the roads are empty. This is what many refers to as the"PacMan phenomenon" - clear roads, crime rates go down drastically, and Filipinos here and abroad take timeout to watch the fight. But since Juan had an activity in school yesterday and I had an event, this will be my first time to watch Manny fight live, right here at home. And like most Filipinos everywhere, I'm rooting for the home team! Go Pacman!!!!

Special thanks goes to Nikka of Summit Media for the Esquire mags maiden issue.
I'm keeping this mag so when I see PacMan I'll ask for an autograph.


  1. bedz, you're right bagong gising nga ako.

  2. sinabi mo, ang linis ng kalsada kahapon before/during the fight!

  3. bago tv natin ah . ma binyagan nga hehehe..

  4. well kung ganyan naman ang tv ko sa house I'd rather stay at home most of the time.


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