November 23, 2011

A Worthwhile Life

I'm sick again for days now. The good doctor advised to have my sugar tested to rule out diabetes. My grandmother - father's side, was a diabetic. My father is a diabetic. My mother passed away due to renal failure, probably because she was a diabetic, too. I'm beginning to feel a bit down, but then I read this at my cousin's (Ate Millet) wall:

"What makes a life worthwhile is not how long it lasts, but how much joy, fulfilment, love and inspiration it contains".

I hope you won't find my post today as morbid, anyway, we're all going there. Some leave earth earlier than the others. I just hope that when my time is up I have given much joy, love and inspiration, if not to many at least to those who have been a part of my existence.


  1. Ms.Joy naman..paggaling ka po..I'll include you sa prayers ko po..paggaling ka you po *hugs* ;)

  2. Thanks Sie! Miss you na. I hope you're fine.

  3. hey! what's this post? I'm not used reading such post like this. EMO! EMO, tama si beds, wag ganon!
    hope you're feeling good na today! I'll see you later this week..:)

  4. Get well, Joy! Midlife crisis lang siguro 'yan...or nothing that altering your lifestyle cannot overcome. Try to maintain a sunny disposition. Di bagay sa iyo ang emo, hehehe! Seriously, you have my prayers for good health and a long, meaningful life.

  5. Miss you too Ms.Joy..everything will be alright po ha..always remember their are so many people who loves are blessed times when you feel down..just look at your kids po..your family..they need you po and I am sure they want you to stay with have every reason to hold on to have them Ms.Joy..

    bring back that joyous smile up there..look at your pix here on your site..that's the Ms.Joy I have known..and will always love..ngiti na po ha..

    paggaling ka po Ms.Joy ;) *hugs hmmmmmmmmmmm..yakapsule from me mwahhhh *

  6. I know you are a joyous person sis. Kaya mo yan. Get well soon!

  7. naku girl pangalan pa lng you got it na!!anyweiz malayo mangyari sayo un magpapawis ka lng mag gym ka o kya buhatin you c john hehehe.....


Thank you for the joyful comments!