December 31, 2011


Another year has yet to pass -
so may things to remember
and so many things to forget.

The holidays has given much time -
to read the books I so love to finish
and watch the movies I long to see.

The year has been bountiful -
with all my beloved around it
and thank the heavens for them.

What else shall I do then with the remaining hours of 2011?

I find it easier to say hello than say goodbye
but farewell is necessary
to receive new gifts that life has to offer.

along with the misfortunes, pain, sickness
and mistakes that comes with it.


  1. One of my blessings this year is our renewed relationship via this blog site and our bonding moments in person. May the coming year strengthen our bond as cousins and as friends as well. Have a productive year ahead, Joy!

  2. Farewell indeed. Time to welcome the new year!!

  3. I'm indeed grateful, Ate Chel, that we became closer thru OJ. Labyu, Ate, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. one of my blessings is knowing you Ms.Joy..Happy Happy new year po *hugs* ;)

  5. Thanks, Sie! You give me more inspiration to love life fully. LABYU!

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! anu gft mo? eheheh ako top commentator mo last month d b? :P 2 n utang mo pamasko ko at prize ko LOL. joke lang! mwah!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. Hi Jes! Oo nga, di ko pa napo post Top Commentator. Uber busy, I've got wedding to host on Jan 10. Tapusin ko muna. Congrats!

  8. TAMA!!!!!lucky new year nawa tyo!!!!


Thank you for the joyful comments!