December 28, 2011

Hardwork and Perseverance Goes a Long Way

A five-hour hair rebonding process means spending a considerable amount of time in a beauty salon. For the first hour I've read all the fashion magazines scattered within the place. The next hour, I've managed to check emails and FB messages. To pass up the rest of the time, I interviewed the salon owner.

Meet Oskee Cabeltis. He was born and raised in Leyte. He is the 9th among 11 children. He went to Olongapo in 1986 and worked in a small salon until 1987. From 1988 to 1989, Oskee's older brother sent him to a school in Manila to study HRM, unfortunately, Oskee's brother passed away early due to heart attack. Oskee had no choice but to stop schooling. He decided to work under the renowned beauty expert - Ricky Reyes, staying there for seven years. Then Oskee worked for Ness Astilla Salon for 15 years. Last April, he decided to put up his own salon, simply coined under his name: OSKEE CABELTIS.

Oskee believes that hardwork and perseverance are the keys to his success. He added that one must know how to budget his or her finances very well. Oskee divides his earnings in five parts: 1 part goes to his parents and siblings, another goes to his basic needs and hobbies, the rest of the 3 parts goes to his savings. Because Oskee managed his income well, he already owns a condo unit and has traveled around Asia.

(Oskee while doing my hair rebond)

Just like me, one of Oskee's client found his story worth writing. The client then submitted a draft of Oskee's life story to her producer. So, soon Oskee will be featured in a popular inspirational show in ABS-CBN.

(Oskee with one of his loyal clients - Banana Split Gag Show dancer)


  1. wow ang galing naman!!! sa lahat tlga ng mga successful n tao laging may makulay na kasaysayan ;)

  2. well ganyan tlaga ang sabi nga ng friend ko panandaliang sakit o panghabambuhay na kakpangitan.....


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