December 23, 2011

On Being a Godparent

My friend, Sie, emailed asking why I don't post much lately. Well, it is because I'm most busy on December - preparing gifts to family, friends and over a hundred Godchildren. Yes, 100++Godchildren ! I've lost count already but I keep a list of all of them - including their birthdays and the names of their parents.

I started to become a Godmother at age 11. My first inaanak is now 27 years old with three kids of her own.

When I was a kid, Christmas is a sad time for me because I don't get to see my Godparents - which means I won't receive a gift. When I became a Ninang, I vowed to remember all my Godchildren, making sure to send gifts every Christmas. My policy though is no more gifts from Ninang Joy when they turn 18 but they are all welcome to receive a gift of advice and a little wisdom from me should they need one.

Being a Godparent is not just about gift giving. I take it to heart. I'm humbled and honored that the parents of all my Godchildren entrusted and considered me to be the second parent to their children.

Saw this at Oskee Cabeltis FB Wall, I find it so funny that I've decided to share it here:

Last year, Julia and Rafael beat my record for being Godparents by age 8 (that's 3 years younger!) to their nephew, Yuwan.

Early next year, I'll be Ninang once more to cutie Zoe, can't wait,
I'm excited for the 100th++ times!


  1. Merry Christmas po ninang joy! :) if I'd have another baby, definitely, kunin din kitang ninang! dami non ah, ako I can count in my five fingers hehe

  2. wow dami inaanak!! ako dn 8 years old ako nung nag ank ng binyag :) 22 n ang inaank ko :) ahahhay!! tanda ko na! Merry Christmas Happy New year!!!

  3. hahaha..wahhhhhh and dami nila Ms.Joy super dami po!

    Merry Christmas po Ms.Joy love you po ;)

  4. grabe dami inaanak me additional pa next year from me hehehe!!!

  5. nice pic with zoe she's like a little cherub sleeping beside her fairy God mother hehe....(fairy sa kagandahan)


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