February 1, 2012

Importance of Field Trips

Juan was begging me if he can join his field trip at Manila Ocean Park as early as November. I didn't want to at first because I wanted to visit the place as a family. But who am I to ignore the pleading of my little boy, who kept on saying, "Mom, Eman is going". When I talked to Eman's Mom, Eman was saying, "Juancho is going". Though Eman and his family have visited this place before, his Mom (just like me) cannot ignore the pleading of his son.

I honestly didn't enjoy much of the trip. There were too many people, it was very hot and Juan and I got lost from our group. Though most parents find field trips taxing, and most often than not, expensive, it is important for the students because it encourages learning of abstract concepts to real world experiences, promotes social interaction with co-students, teachers and others. Last but not the least...

...field trips provides opportunity for moms to catch up and chat as the bus wheels' roll. Here with Eman's Mom, Viv, who's one of the nicest Mommy in school.

It took me almost an hour to find a place where to eat because Juan was looking for his favorite mushroom soup. Finally found the next best soup for my son, Chicken Soup at Pancake House.


  1. I also love soups Ms.Joy..oh Juan really enjoyed his field trip oh..passing by po ;)

    1. Hi Sie! Lakas ng connection natin, was just thinking of you. Kanina, about an hour ago, I was reviewing Juancho. He spelled sigh as SIE. Namiss kita...Hope all's well with you 3 pretty girls.

  2. kaya nman pla kayu nawala sa group LOL ;)) kakahanap ng soup :)) anu b yan si baby o o! :) ahahhahah

  3. My kids always look forward to field trips, and no matter where they go, it's the experience that they shared with their classmates. And yes, tayo rin mga moms we get to catch up and make the most of the trip! :)

  4. In our family's case, there are pros and cons of school's field trips. Usually, field trips involve many sites to see/visit so they tend to rush things to accommodate all planned destinations. They usually last the whole day that kids and moms get pretty tired afterwards. Sometimes, the kids even get sick due to heat and the big crowd. When this is the case, me and my husband opt for our own family trips to those places in our convenient time and pacing. Sometimes we tag along a cousin or two. My kids enjoy the trips better. But when the trips involve one or two sites only and it only lasts half of the day, we let the kids go.

  5. In the end, as long as our kids had a great time, that's what matters most :-) I can see that Juan enjoyed it, and so did Mom Joy :-)

  6. Hi Joy,thank you for mentioning us in your blog, and for posting our pictures as well (I suuupeeer love Eman and Juan's pic). I agree with you, regardless of some "flaws" and "not so good" experiences during the field trip, what's more rewarding is the sound of laughter from our kids, they will truly treasure their last year together in ANGELS. But I gained also something from the trip..... your super nice advice .... hi hi hi :D. Will update you soonest! (hope to have coffee with you one day!) keep in touch. :D


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