January 30, 2012


An event for parents-to-be who are interested in the latest trends in parenting and baby care as well as traditional practices that all expectant moms should know about will be happening at UCC Rockwell this February 4, 2012, Saturday starting 1pm.

Visit Mommy Mundo facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=329196643781106&set=a.147560415278064.26018.147556655278440&type=1&theater

Topics for PREGNANT PAUSE 2 are:

- Baby Sign Language by US certified instructor Jaymie Pizarro (Baby Signs *as seen on Oprah)
- Positive Pregnancy by childbirth educator Rome Kanapi
- Breastfeeding Basics for Modern moms-to-be:)

Registration to the event is free of charge but pre-registration is a must.
We have very limited slots available so please call 5707827 or text 09178162524 to
reserve a slot now.


  1. FREE ba to? nice! ask ko sna if umattend si bedai? kaso nde n DALA n un d n nya need umatend! :))

  2. yes, free entrance kaya ok. umatend si bedai pero sandali lang ata, laki ng tyan e. hirap umikot, daming matatamaan buntis.

  3. i missed the fist pregnancy pause because I gave birth that day!!!! waaaahhhhh.....


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