February 7, 2012

All About Birds

Angry Bird is a successful computer game because of its comical and addictive nature. The game was developed by Rovio mobile. It is not only popular to the younger audience but also with older ones. I know of a friend, a forty-something successful man, who plays this game every night after office. He says, this game relaxes him.

When my friend, Jes, started her online store Hobby Lovey, I can't help but be amazed at her skill in making this Red Bird.

What do you call a very rude bird?
Answer: A mockingbird

What's the best coffee shop for birds?
Answer: Nest-cafe


  1. LOL joy! ;)) ahhahahahahah Thanks!!!

  2. ay sooooo cute po Ms.Joy..my kids have finished playing angry birds the basic one they are now into the Rio part..thanks for sharing Ms.Joy ;)

  3. bilib talaga ako ke jes. nasa sa kanya na lahat! maganda na, magaling pa, hihi.. sana mabasa to ni Jes. lol. serious ako.hihi

  4. Hubby and kids were so into AB (not so much now)....
    'Love that AB bonnet :-)

  5. naku po!! ang lakas mambola ng isa dyan ah!! hmmmm....hanggang likod ng ulo ko n ang smile ko oh! :))


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