February 20, 2012

Cake Coutoure Exhibit

l don't attend too many events lately - focusing more on the mommy job, but the exclusive invite from The Podium Mall last February 18 for the intimate gathering with exclusive guests for Cake Coutoure Exhibit tempted me to go out and storm the traffic.

Featured cakes are the creation of Judy Uson, Joy San Gabriel, Cake Concepts, Chocolate Avenue, Dolcelli Cakes, CCA Market and Gervy's Amazing Cakes.

This event was made even more joyful with the company of friends - Lyn, Jing and Beds.

After the event we got to ambush Congressman Sonny Belmonte.


  1. I like the first cake. It looks perfect for a beach or garden (summer) wedding. I bet it tastes really good too! How much kaya? :)

    1. Yes, Jingke, that cake looks perfect for a beach wedding. It probably costs 25 thousand or more?

  2. Wow these are awesome cakes joy!! i love them all!

  3. Pag ganito kaganda ang cake, parang hindi mo na gustong kainin...alam mo na, we can't have our cake and eat it, too ;-)))

  4. too pretty to eat! wow, it must be a complete event with good friends around!


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