February 18, 2012

Of Being Queen and Princess

It all started one October afternoon of last year when Julia came from school asking, "Mom, would you like to join Queen and Princess?". Not wanting to be disturbed, as I was doing the laundry at that very moment, I immediately replied, "yes, you can join". Julia kept going back and forth asking if I'm really sure. I was actually very happy that she was joining this school activity because last 2010, she played Cinderella in a school program and their group won. Being a coy girl, activities like this helps develop her confidence. Again I said to her, "yes, anak, I'm allowing you to join Queen and Princess".

A week after, while laying on the bed watching Eat Bulaga, Julia asked, "Mom, what's our talent?". I had no clue to the question at hand. Confused, I asked, "what do you mean, what's our talent?". Julia reminded me about the Queen and Princess she told me about a week ago, and added, "it's a mommy and daughter contest". Oh my goodness! What talent, I don't sing, I don't dance. I told her to tell her teacher we're backing out. Julia was about to cry so I told her, "okay, we're joining as long as this is not a money contest". Long story short, it is a fund raising contest for the benefit of the school's livelihood projects.

There were many (including my husband) who objected to the idea of us joining but all for the love of my only girl who seemed decided and excited, we're in.

I started distributing tickets to friends and relatives as early as the first week of November - ang hirap, especially selling tickets that has no raffle prizes at stake. I had to explain to every one that it is for the benefit of the school's livelihood projects blah, blah, blah.

Though we didn't bag the title of DC Queen and Princess, I realized being queen and princess is not all about having the crown. Nothing beats the feeling when one is able to be of help for a good cause. Plus, the time I spent with my daughter practicing our magic tricks made our bond stronger. Much appreciation goes to Jesler the Magician for patiently and happily coaching us. Book him, he is one funny guy and a really nice person with lots of good stories to tell.

Thanks to my co-Mom contestants for voting and crowning me Mrs. Congeniality. I truly enjoyed the long chats we had.

To all my relatives and friends who helped us with the tickets, much gratitude to you all!

Last but not the least, to Lyn, thank you for being our hairstylist, backstage assistant, and a friend who's always there to help.

DC Queen and Princess

First Runner-up

Second Runner-up

Third Runner-up Fourth Runner-up

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  1. Pretty Mommies!! Congrats for winning!

  2. Aww Joy, this post makes me smile. You may not bag the "Queen and Princess" title but you both surely are a queen and princess in the hearts of many, especially to those you have helped with this project. Congrats!

  3. If I had a daughter, I'd probably join such a contest, too. Although I don't exactly relish the idea of ticket selling to win. But the chance to bond with my child in this kind of experience is something I won't pass. Will just have to psyche ourselves that we're in it to enjoy the experience, to be a part of a cause and if we win, that's a bonus.

    Inggit ako, ha...you and Julia were so beautiful together. And of course, in the hearts of your loved ones, you are the true Queen and Princess of Heart :)))


  4. wow 2nd runner up k pla!!! yay!! CONGRATS!!! :)

  5. Sana kme din ng anak ko gnyan soon ahhaha ahahay kelangan mag paganda at pasexy na pla :))

  6. you and Julia are true winners in this pageant.. i guess it's the experience and being a part of the event that made everything worth joining for. It's not always winning talaga that counts after all, it's the experience. congrats to you and to Julia! you are such a cool mom talaga!


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