March 31, 2012

Her Real Stylishness: The StyleRPA Tribute to Upcoming Talents

Online lifestyle magazine celebrated its launch last March 30, 2012 with the first of its many His/Her Real Stylishness tribute awards at Society Lounge, Makati. “We want to show that lifestyle is evolving. As the word ‘lifestyle’ goes, it’s alive,” said founder and Editor-in-Chief Philip Abadicio. “People change their habits and ways of living.”

Abadicio’s awareness of the changing times led to the recent birth of’s television extension, StyleRPA TV. The show aired every Saturday evening on GNN (Channel 8 on Destiny Cable) from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. “We store information differently now,” he said. “I believe TV is here to stay. It’s more environmentally-conscious in the way it doesn’t use paper. It can [also] be stored online.” “We’re in a good time to introduce ourselves to a burgeoning market that gets their information online.”

As a lifestyle news website and TV show,'s obvious challenge was keeping up with shifting trends. “It’s a different medium, a different market,” Abadicio said. “It’s a market where attention span is shorter and there is a bombardment of information. We always need to be ahead.”

“We like to discover what’s new instead of focusing on those who are already known or established. We'd like to be a platform for new designers, new stylists, new chefs, new musicians, new writers…It’s a gut feel that this person’s going to make it.”

With the His/Her Real Stylishness Award, the lifestyle news website paid tribute to the rising talents who were able to ride the waves of change and made ripples themselves, beginning with the first awardee: 21-year-old fashion designer Ashley Cayuca.

She exhibited her latest designer swimsuit collection Verao Quente in's grand launch, featuring 15 swimsuits of bold cuts and colors, from hot pink bikinis to sultry sheer black swimsuits. Cayuca's creations had graced various magazines and TV shows and were worn by celebrities like Daiana Menezes, Jessy Mendiola, Lauren Young, and international model Michelle Paloma.

Cayuca was awarded after the show by StyleRPA TV’s hosts, Amanda Elvina, Ria Casco, and Nicole Reyes. Among the audience were Cayuca’s parents, violinist Jay and Chikky Cayuca, her brother, Kevin Cayuca, Ateneo Blue Eagle players Chris and Nico de Chavez, and other friends and family.

Also in attendance were and StyleRPA TV’s Philip Abadicio, Society Lounge owner Patrice Freuslon, House of Rodriguez’s Tenten Rodriguez, Meow Meow Productions’ Marton Benitez, Mike Oreta, Chuck Oreta, Vishoes owners Sheridan and Denise Villanueva, Bespoke Holiday Décor’s Archie Chua, Logika Concept’s Lei and Yasmin Coles, Pan Pacific’s Pauline Areglado, Digicon Events Management’s AV Galvan, Intercontinental Manila’s Judy Ty, Vanity Magazine’s Joy Fong, Meg Magazine’s Rain Dagala,’s Joy Felizardo,’s Jayl Aquino, Occassions of Joy’s Joy and John Mendiola, and’s Karen Lopez.

Soon after, the audience partied to the beats of Dj Akx. As the founder had said, ‘lifestyle’ is alive – exciting, dynamic, and shifting. While the landscape continued to change, remained on the lookout for new talent in this new media generation.

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March 29, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rafael and Juan's classes ended 2 weeks ago. We've waited for Julia's to follow - thankfully, yesterday it ended.

For weeks, I've been planning our family road trip. We headed earlier today in Rizal to swim at Thunderbird Resorts. We were hoping that the rain will stop when we reach our destination . Unfortunately, it rained harder. My kids were sad. John and I were happy. We both like it when it rains for we're rain babies - both born on the month of July.

The rain forbids the sun to shine thus killing the fun that the kids have been waiting for 10 months. It's vacation, it's supposedly summer already. Rafael, Julia and Juan were pouting as we leave the serene and beautiful Thunderbird Resorts. John and I had to explain the weather's sentiment of late. Rain is important, rain is good, it washes away dust and dirt, cleans the air of pollution. And most important of all, allows mom and dad to sleep for long hours (yes!). Syempre di na namin sinabi ang last reason. As I do this post, John is sleeping soundly, buti pa sya.

Our favorite song lately, Rain by Creed.

Made Her Mom Proud

At 11 moths, Julia can recite the alphabet (bulol nga lang!). She showed signs of intelligence at an early age. But as she grew, Julia became a shy girl. I didn't like that she's not as bibo as his twin brother. She'd never join party games without me prodding her. She'd cry when I ask her to lead a prayer or tell me a random story (in front of her brothers).

Since Grade 1, Julia was always on Top 4, over 3 sections with a total population of 120 students. I have not written about it for the past 2 years. I was not very happy. I wanted her to be number 1. I knew she can make it, but she's not the type who'd read her school books and notes. She'd rather read story books, paint, doodle, make arts and crafts and play with her brothers.

Yesterday was her third time to be on the top 4. Top 4.5 actually, sharing the same spot with her classmate Genevieve. I had to stand for a long time at the stage as the emcee reads Julia's six awards: Top 4.5, Best in Math, Best in Reading and Phonetics, Top 1 Book Borrower, Award of Excellence for Science and Math Club and Perfect Attendance.

Julia certainly made me proud. Never mind that she's not Top 1. What made me close to crying was the Best in Math Award. I was poor in Math. At Grade 2, I knew that Math and me will not gel well.

Congratulations Jules! You made us all happy and proud!!!

March 27, 2012

Indoor Easter Activities

Sunday after next we will be celebrating Easter Sunday as a symbol of the rebirth of man. During this time many establishments, mostly hotels, offer Easter Party for kids with registration fee ranging from 500 and up. The fee usually covers snacks, games and egg hunting. I used to join those Easter Parties for my children until twins Julia and Rafael turned 7. They lost the penchant for such activities. From then on John and I hold two indoor activities every Easter.

1.  Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Each kid gets two hard-boiled eggs to decorate. They are required to follow a theme for their design. Last years theme is Mom and Dad.

Juan’s designs

Rafael’s artworks

Julia’s masterpiece (she won, by the way)

Second Indoor Easter Activity:  EGG HUNT

1. Buy plastic eggs big enough to put the candies, chocolates and other prizes
2. Hide the eggs in various places but easy enough for the kids to see

3. Aside from the treats inside the eggs, it’s optional to give special prizes, such as the most number of eggs collected, the least number of eggs collected, the eggs of specific color. I always encourage giving of consolation prizes to make everyone happy.

4. Be sure to keep those plastic eggs properly for egg hunt game is not only fun to do during Easter. It’s also a hit during birthday parties or even for bridal showers.

" Easter tells us that life is to be interpreted not simply in terms of things
but in terms of ideals."

- Charles M. Crowe

Photo Contest

Hey Moms! Wacky enough? Then join Lactacyd's Moms and Tubs
photo contest and win cool prizes.

What cha waitin' for, find those funny pictures now.

March 24, 2012

Ideal Footwear

Black is the safest color to wear in any occasion. Most of my clothes are in black.
Last year, the Feng Shui expert Marites Allen told me that black doesn't go well with me because it attracts sickness. She added that if I feel like wearing black I should wear accessories in shades of red, orange or pink to counter the negative effect of black.

The new Grendha Ana Hickmann collection is ideal for that feng shui advice.

View more of Grendha Ana Hickmann line HERE.

March 8, 2012

Dampa sa Libis

Though my friends have invited me in Dampa - Baclaran and Dampa - Macapagal many times before, it was my first time to experience dining in the same concept (fresh catch set-up) yesterday at Dampa sa Libis. Dampa sa Libis is a humble dining place that serves fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. Dampa may not have fancy ambiance but the food they serve here is one that I will definitely go back to. Worth mentioning is Cream Dory Fillet.

The set-up of Dampa is much like that of a public wet-market, but more organized and cleaner.

A customer has an option to pick/buy the fresh seafood in the market and choose from the four kitchens where they want their food to be prepared and cooked, or diners can simply choose the menu and wait for their order to come.

Delicious desserts are from Mommy's Goodies

Dampa sa Libis can seat up to 800 people.
Bringing of cars is not a problem as they have ample and free parking.

For a more private set-up, Dampa has function rooms that can accommodate groups of 10 to 100++. It's cute that they named their function rooms from the seafood, such as, Salmon, Scallop, Blue Marlin, Oyster and Lapu-Lapu.

While waiting for the food to be served, customers can roam around at the “tiangge” or
bazaar nearby to shop or plainly kill time.

Dampa is located at 107 E. Rodriguez Jr., Ave., Libis. Q.C.

Telephone numbers: 637-3301. 395-5050

World Glaucoma Week Press Conference

Allergan - a global, technology-driven multi-specialty health care company pursuing therapeutic advances to help patients live life to their fullest potential, in partnership with Philippine Glaucoma Society, held an event yesterday at Makati Shangri-La Hotel to address the increasing worldwide prevalence of glaucoma and provide education and information, with the highest level of integrity.

The event was hosted by Christine Jacobs-Sandejas

Presentors and panellist includes known ophthalmologists, namely, Dr. Rainier Covar, Dr. Jose Ma. Martinez, Dr. Ma. Imelda Yap-Veloso, Dr. Mario V. Aquino, Dr. Norman Aquino, Dr. Hannah Pia De Guzman, Dr. Ma. Zita Meriales, and Dr. Manolito Reyes.

According to the Philippine National Survey of blindness, glaucoma is the Philippine’s leading cause of bilateral irreversible blindness. This irreversible darkness is plaguing many Filipinos today, but still glaucoma is taken much too lightly, thus it becomes more and more prevalent in the country.

According to the doctors present, like the dreaded disease, cancer, glaucoma has no cure and it commonly shows no signs in the early stages nor painful symptoms. Moreover, a small number of patients with glaucoma also experience episodes of eye pain, blurred vision, redness, headache, vomiting, and seeing rainbows around lights. The disease permanently damages the optic nerve, which is what connects the eye to the brain, and causes a shrinking of the visual field. There is no single diagnostic test for glaucoma. Early detection and treatment of glaucoma is important to control it. Once diagnosed, the unlucky patient must follow-up with their physicians for the rest of their lives. Glaucoma is not picky. It can afflict a person regardless of age, health, or race. Glaucoma can occur at any age, but the most commonly affected are the older individuals. Patients who are most likely to contract glaucoma usually have family history of the disease, high eye pressure, a previous eye injury, chronic steroid use and/or diabetes mellitus.

To escape the darkness of glaucoma, early detection must be done. As often stated in medicine - prevention is better than cure. In the case of glaucoma, contracting the hereditary form of the disease may not be preventable but early diagnosis and treatment can certainly help prevent blindness.

The doctors believe that glaucoma can be prevented by having regular eye check-ups. They also advised to immediately consult your eye doctor/ophthalmologist if you have blurry vision or if you have eye pain.

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March 7, 2012

Dell 12G

Earlier today at Makati Shangri-La, Dell announced a portfolio of blade, rack and tower PowerEdge servers optimized for use in demanding enterprise environments. As the only one of the top five server vendors to grow server revenues in Q4 2011 with 9.7 percent year-over-year revenue growth, Dell continues to innovate to deliver features that are industry firsts and make the PowerEdge 12th generation servers the company’s highest performing, most manageable servers ever. With this new server series, customers ranging from small businesses to hyper-scale data centers can help maximize efficiency by streamlining and automating operations, help achieve better business application performance and business continuity.

Christopher Papa, Country Manager, Dell Philippines, said “Dell designed the new PowerEdge servers with input gathered from more than 7,700 customer interactions in 17 countries across four continents. Our customers told us that they need end-to-end solutions to handle the complex workload problems they face every day. As such, we built our new generation of servers, systems management and workload solutions to address the needs of business end users who require maximum performance to run mission-critical applications and IT departments which demand more efficient, secure and reliable operations.”

PowerEdge 12th Generation Server Portfolio includes, the new PowerEdge R820, R720, R720xd and R620 rack servers, the M620 blade server, the T620 tower server and C6220 based on a shared Dell infrastructure server built on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 product family are the foundation of a complete, flexible IT solution including Dell’s extensive portfolio of storage, networking and client components and professional IT services. The next-generation PowerEdge servers, along with systems management and workload solutions, are designed to deliver performance and management gains to effectively power the most demanding applications, including collaboration, IT and web infrastructure, high performance computing, decision support and business processing.

Why these 12th Generation Server worth buying? It maximizes efficiency, help improve productivity, maximize infrastructure efficiency, achieve more , ensures business continuity , and it take advantage of the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family’s leadership performance and breakthrough I/O capabilities to offer optimized solutions for customers’ most important workloads.
Additional Information
New servers:
PowerEdge R720xd rack server, optimized for collaboration
PowerEdge R720 rack server for demanding workloads, with server fans that cool with less power than it takes to runs a nightlight
PowerEdge R620 rack server packing in up to 300% more SQL virtual machines per rack
PowerEdge T620 rackable tower server
PowerEdge M620 2-socket blade server for extreme density and power efficiency
PowerEdge C6220 with optimized performance-focused shared infrastructure
PowerEdge R820 rack server for dense virtualization and scalable database applications
Other news:
Dell introduces the industry’s first power supply unit to achieve the coveted Titanium certification for the highest level of energy efficiency
Dell unveils the industry’s first QR codes on servers for easy access to documentation optimized for mobile devices
Overview of Dell’s Enterprise Solutions that Help Customers Deliver Results Faster
About Dell
Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more information, visit