March 24, 2012

Ideal Footwear

Black is the safest color to wear in any occasion. Most of my clothes are in black.
Last year, the Feng Shui expert Marites Allen told me that black doesn't go well with me because it attracts sickness. She added that if I feel like wearing black I should wear accessories in shades of red, orange or pink to counter the negative effect of black.

The new Grendha Ana Hickmann collection is ideal for that feng shui advice.

View more of Grendha Ana Hickmann line HERE.


  1. sumali k b sa giveaway ko? malay mo manalo ka :) ehhehehe padala ko sa kamag anak nyo taga texas ehheheh :)

  2. anyway, if d k manalo gawan ko si baby mo...kelan n nga ulet bday?

  3. wow, nakaka adik ang shoes, hihi. i like it!


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