March 29, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rafael and Juan's classes ended 2 weeks ago. We've waited for Julia's to follow - thankfully, yesterday it ended.

For weeks, I've been planning our family road trip. We headed earlier today in Rizal to swim at Thunderbird Resorts. We were hoping that the rain will stop when we reach our destination . Unfortunately, it rained harder. My kids were sad. John and I were happy. We both like it when it rains for we're rain babies - both born on the month of July.

The rain forbids the sun to shine thus killing the fun that the kids have been waiting for 10 months. It's vacation, it's supposedly summer already. Rafael, Julia and Juan were pouting as we leave the serene and beautiful Thunderbird Resorts. John and I had to explain the weather's sentiment of late. Rain is important, rain is good, it washes away dust and dirt, cleans the air of pollution. And most important of all, allows mom and dad to sleep for long hours (yes!). Syempre di na namin sinabi ang last reason. As I do this post, John is sleeping soundly, buti pa sya.

Our favorite song lately, Rain by Creed.


  1. ahhhh sayang naman :(

    bad parents! LOL :))

  2. nest time, sama nyo kame sa Thuderbird la Union,:P


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