March 8, 2012

World Glaucoma Week Press Conference

Allergan - a global, technology-driven multi-specialty health care company pursuing therapeutic advances to help patients live life to their fullest potential, in partnership with Philippine Glaucoma Society, held an event yesterday at Makati Shangri-La Hotel to address the increasing worldwide prevalence of glaucoma and provide education and information, with the highest level of integrity.

The event was hosted by Christine Jacobs-Sandejas

Presentors and panellist includes known ophthalmologists, namely, Dr. Rainier Covar, Dr. Jose Ma. Martinez, Dr. Ma. Imelda Yap-Veloso, Dr. Mario V. Aquino, Dr. Norman Aquino, Dr. Hannah Pia De Guzman, Dr. Ma. Zita Meriales, and Dr. Manolito Reyes.

According to the Philippine National Survey of blindness, glaucoma is the Philippine’s leading cause of bilateral irreversible blindness. This irreversible darkness is plaguing many Filipinos today, but still glaucoma is taken much too lightly, thus it becomes more and more prevalent in the country.

According to the doctors present, like the dreaded disease, cancer, glaucoma has no cure and it commonly shows no signs in the early stages nor painful symptoms. Moreover, a small number of patients with glaucoma also experience episodes of eye pain, blurred vision, redness, headache, vomiting, and seeing rainbows around lights. The disease permanently damages the optic nerve, which is what connects the eye to the brain, and causes a shrinking of the visual field. There is no single diagnostic test for glaucoma. Early detection and treatment of glaucoma is important to control it. Once diagnosed, the unlucky patient must follow-up with their physicians for the rest of their lives. Glaucoma is not picky. It can afflict a person regardless of age, health, or race. Glaucoma can occur at any age, but the most commonly affected are the older individuals. Patients who are most likely to contract glaucoma usually have family history of the disease, high eye pressure, a previous eye injury, chronic steroid use and/or diabetes mellitus.

To escape the darkness of glaucoma, early detection must be done. As often stated in medicine - prevention is better than cure. In the case of glaucoma, contracting the hereditary form of the disease may not be preventable but early diagnosis and treatment can certainly help prevent blindness.

The doctors believe that glaucoma can be prevented by having regular eye check-ups. They also advised to immediately consult your eye doctor/ophthalmologist if you have blurry vision or if you have eye pain.

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