April 27, 2012

The Avengers - A Movie for the Whole Family

We don't go out on a Wednesday because our car is coding on this day. But last Wednesday, we storm the road - beating the coding window, to see the Avengers on its first day of showing.  Shang Cinema  - where we normally watch, has sold out tickets a week before so we headed at Greenhills Theater to try our luck.  The teller said that as early as 10 am, tickets are sold out  for the 6pm, 7pm, 9pm and so on. We settled for a 4:20 pm showing. For lack of choices, we were  seated at the side  which gave me stiff neck! 

After the movie, I asked my husband to make a review of The Avengers. He refused to because he reads Marvel comics so his review will  definitely be different from what most will expect. Just the same, he said the movie is great, it's action-packed and the efforts they put in giving all the characters equal exposure is to be praised. He added, The Avengers  is a movie for the whole family, especially the kids.

My view: This is not a review, I don't want to spoil it for those who hasn't seen the movie. I'll be talking more about the actors here. I slept for the first  10 minutes or so. Not that I didn't like the movie, buy hey, I didn't get enough sleep the night before.  

Robert Downey Jr.  played  his role very well as Iron Man. When asked, "what are you without the suit?". He replied confidently, "a genius, billionaire, playboy, philantropist". 

Chris Hemsworth as Thor, made Julia's and my eyes stuck on the screen. He's so good looking! There's an angle where he looked like the younger Brad Pitt. 

Captain America is played by Chris Evans - who's also one good-looking guy, but not my type. I like men with long hair. I like Chris better when he played the role of Johnny Storm at Fantastic Four.

Mark Ruffalo played the Hulk. It would have been nicer if Eric Bana played this role. His physique would match that of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. My husband on the otherhand prefers Edward Norton.  Peace to all Mark Ruffalo's fans out there. Mark is a great actor, I just don't find him handsome enough  compared with all the other actors in the movie.

Hawk Eye is played by Jeremy Renner. Nothing much to say about this guy, I'll just wait for his Bourne Legacy movie.
Scarlett Johansson, as Black Widow, will always make women envious. That great bod!

Photos (except for Hawk Eye who's still in transit) are from my husband's Bowen statue collection


  1. ay ang gaganda nmn ng collections ni john!! :) maganda b yan avengers? were goin to watch sa may 4 p showing here...

  2. galing, fan talaga si John, akalain niyo yun, you beat the coding, ahehe. diko pa na watch. di ako maka relate sa avengers. :)


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