April 1, 2012

Girls of Cosplay

Though some people find them annoying for overcrowding an event, I've always admired Cosplayers. The effort they put in wearing those gigantic accessories and costumes to portray a character absolutely add fun and excitement in any event. If not for these Cosplayers, I will be very bored waiting for my husband and kids while they storm and hunt for their toy collections.

Earlier today, I've chit-chatted with some of the female Cosplayers. Well, I can't feature them all, there were too many of them at the recently concluded TagCom held at Robinson's Manila.

Ekha Garbin is a 21 year old Nursing undergraduate. She'll be shifting to Fashion Design as this is what she really wanted to do. She actually made her own costume. GALING! She said she joins Cosplay as a venue to showcase her craft and love for this art.

Angela Elona, 15, incoming 4th year high school student at Paco Catholic School

Alyssia Florano, 19, is a college student at Mapua Institute Manila

KZ Anne, 19, Tourism student from Philippine Women's University, Laguna.

Cza Cza, 13 is an incoming 3rd year high school student at Colegio de Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Dazzelle Marie, 18, is a 3rd year B.S. Biology student at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Manila

19 year old Nica Salazar is a 4th year Nursing student at Pamantasang ng Lungsod ng Manila. She cosplays for the fun of it.

Carmi Carmii is a 19 year old 3rd year Multi Media Arts student at De La Salle - College of St., Benilde. She attends cosplays for the fun of it and that she gets to be her own doll. Cute! She was with her mom and sister, fully supporting her passion. Her Ate dutifully carries her sword if needed.

9 year old "Avatar" girl was too busy with people taking photos with her that I didn't get a chance to interview her much.

Mom and daughter tandem, Cai Cai and Marie Chanco. Mother is 26, daughter is 4 years old. Wow, very early to start cosplay. Marie used to be just a cosplayer, now she's into costume making. She said, she joins this event for the joy and the moolah it brings her.

These lady cosplayers reminded me of my first ever take on cosplay. It was actually a literary cosplay held at Powerbooks some 2 years ago. I came in as Hit Girl, well because I think the character fits me. It was Bedz who told me about this. I didn't know what was at stake. I just joined because I was coming from Dusit to host Mommy Academy's Kid Adventure Club. I figured I was already there so why not join and hit two birds in one stone.

Beginner's luck (ika nga!) I won 1st place, bringing home books - lots of books and 5 thousand Powerbooks gift certificates. Not bad eh for a first timer. If I'm younger, I'd be joining more of cosplays...kaya lang parang di na bagay. Maybe in my next life.


  1. sama naman ako pag may another cospaly event:D. Ang cute ng hit girl.

    Teacher Joy

    1. sige t. joy, i'll let you know pag attend kami ulit.

  2. Oh wow! I really admire girls who join Cosplay especially ones who really pull it off. I don't think I can ever muster strength to participate in one. LOL.

  3. when was that? haha. I love your cosplay out fit.. it looked good on you..

    1. halllloooo! kamusta Hollywood? di ko pala na replyan tong comment mo!


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