April 27, 2012

Juan Found the One

Among my 3 kids, Juan - the youngest is the easiest to please. He is one happy boy - probably because he breastfed the longest. Actually, he's still nursing at 6 years and 2 months, I wonder when he's gonna stop.

He doesn't ask much for as long as he sees green, it's his.

This is Juancho's rubber slippers, Reva, which he has been using for the last 4 years. His heels are over it, he can't run and walk well because it doesn't fit him anymore. His dad and I  convinced him a lot of times to give it up but he can't let go.

When he saw this pair of Rider slippers (R1 Play Kids, P695) at Bambu - Glorietta 4, I knew that Juan found the one to replace his worn out slippers. He even said, "Mom, my old pair is small na, can you buy me this one please". Gusto ko sanang sabihin, dalawang taon ng maliit sayo yan anak, but that would mean longer conversation or debate as Juan knows how to go around the circles.


  1. so cute of you Juan! it's hard to let go, haha.. but now that Juan found the one, I am sure he'd learn to love the new one like the reva.

  2. ahahahhahah really? ayaw nya i give up? kalokah! ;)) ahhahahahahaha
    Buti nalang he found the one na! :P

    Yah ka cute!! anyway hanggang ngayun b breasfed pdn? anu sabi ng pedia is that okay daw? and panu daw yan hihinto if nakasayanan n nya mag feed sau before sleeping? :P

  3. kulet ni jes dito.. di nga alam ni Juan na alam natin, no kaba jes, haha.. wag mo na publish comment ko na to, lol.. alam ko lang, he would stop his way.. hangat me milk si mommy. yun cousin ko na nasa states, hangang seven years old yung anak nag breast fed.. di nga ako makapa niwala, hehe..


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