April 30, 2012

Julianne - Amazingly Impressive!

I seldom attend events lately to focus more on my family but Karen's invitation for Dermatopoietin Press Launch is one I  didn't turn down for Karen is one of those people who's truly nice.

Makati is one place I will always love to hate.  I find difficulty driving around here, ang daming one way! If you're not familiar with the place, hello ticket from traffic enforcers. Though the trip for this event gave me headache, it was all worth it  because of the voice coming from this talented young performer - Julianne Tarroja, simply known as Julianne.  Julianne serenaded the guests with her original songs, Fly and Queen, at the start. Wow, I told myself, an amazingly impressive voice! At the last part she made her own rendition of Coldplay's Yellow. Since Yellow is one of my favorite songs, I stood from where I was seated and captured it on video. Grabe, I almost cried when she finished singing. Damang dama ang pagkanta, ang galing pang tumipa ng gitara!

As a busy mom, I don't have much time listening to new artists. I settle listening to the songs of senior singers like Sampaguita, err, Barbie naman! It was my first time to see and hear Julianne that day. Right after the event, I took the opportunity to come up to her and tell her how good she is. I admire people with good voice, specially female singers who plays the guitar.  It was nice of her to listen to my babbling. Told her it's my frustration to be a singer, and that in my next life (if there is) I'd like nothing but be a singer, one that plays guitar - just like her.

To be able to share this video of Julianne here in my blog I uploaded it at Youtube. It's my first time to do this, ang tagal pala or am I just not into this stuff that I don't know how to do it the easy way? I started last night at 10pm, finished uploading at exactly 4:10 am today and still typing now at almost 6am.  While uploading, I read articles about Julianne. She's under Genesis.  She's one amazing talent to support for there's a lot to like about her - not only for her voice but more so her great personality. On a personal note, I like her name because my daughter is named Julia and she looks a lot like my cousin, Love.  These and more I also told Julianne. Hopefully, di sya nakulitan sa kadadaldal ko.  Visit Julianne, here.


  1. nice song nga ang ganda ng pagkakanta, dream ko din yang mag guitar parang ang ganda ganda kasi pag marunong mag guitar.

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  3. ganda ng pagkanta and play ng guitar Ms.Joy..nice song too..visiting you ;)

  4. oh i am no longer updated nde ko sya kilala...but yeah she's singing it beautifully!! hi @bedai!!! marunong ako mag guitar onti :D hehehehe

    I love her maxi dress!!

  5. She's really really talented, and genuinely nice. She's been under my radar since she was launched a three- four years ago.
    Thank you so much for attending our event, and the unrelenting support. How are the products working out for you?

  6. watched the video and she's simply amazing!


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