April 29, 2012

Kid's Oral Hygiene - Parent's Responsibility

My friend told me that one of her friend's kids is due for operation because of plaque gone unnoticed. The operation will cost them around forty thousand pesos.  The mom of this boy even said, "ayaw kasi mag toothbrush e".  We, parents MUST remember that the oral hygiene of the kids is the responsibility of the parents.  Kids will be kids. At this stage in their lives, children by nature feel as though brushing teeth is a big task. Very young children has no sense of responsibility, if not properly guided by parents, kids will choose not to brush their teeth. It is easier for stay-at-home parents like us to monitor our children's oral hygiene because we're at home 24/7.  For working parents, I suggest you talk to your nannies about this. Make sure that your child is involved about the talk, so when yaya say, brush teeth na, remember what your mom and dad said? 

Keep in mind the following:

1. Baby teeth are important and must be taken care of until they are replaced by the permanent teeth. 

For infants, use a piece of gauze wrapped around the index finger to clean the gum pads and teeth every feeding, especially before sleeping.

For Children with baby teeth, use baby toothbrush to clean the baby teeth.

For school-aged children (4-10 years old) parents should supervise them in tooth brushing and flossing since they need enough motivation to perform these tasks.

2. Easy on sweets.  Frequency of eating sweets and the time the food stay in the mouand preferably with th plays an important role in the development of tooth decay. Give sweets less often meals. A child's mouth should be immediately cleaned after eating. If this is not possible, at least rinse vigorously with water.

3. Look for a good dentist that the child will be comfortable with. Bring them to the dentist for casual visits, not when they already have tooth problems. This way the kids won't have negative notion of dental clinic and the dentist.

My kids are happy visiting their Tito/Ninong/Dentist, Dr. Gilbert D' Asis.

About Dr. Gilbert D' Asis:

Dr. Gilbert D' Asis studied Denstistry at Centro Escolar University. Finished 2 year externship at UP-PGH and studied orthodontics for a year under Dr. Urbi.

Dr. D' Asis is connected with University of Sto. Tomas, Dental Department, OPD. And currently the company dentist at Shell in Makati.

He has a private clinic at 29 South Road, Cubao, Quezon City.  For appointment, you may txt or call him at 0922-8445278.


  1. oh this is nice JOY!! Alam mo ako nag sisisi at nde ko pinilit mga anak ko mag dentist nung nsa pinas p kme..ayaw kasi nila sa dentist :P pero ngyun masaya ko at nakikipag cooperate na sila sa dentist....nabunot n ibang baby teeth ni Ethan and nagtubuan n ang iba ni ishi....this time aalagaan ko n teeth nila since may permanent teeth n si Ishi....para d magaya sa mommy n false teeth :P

    Yes responsible ang parents sa anu mang mangyare sa ank ntin kaya ako nga guiilty n guilty eh :( wawa nmn baby ko :( but nde pa huli ang lahat....may chance p ko to take care of it :)

  2. hi bes c doc. gilbert yan ah,

  3. this post reminds me to visit the dentist. we're actually scheduled last week but we delayed the appointment. I should note this in my calendar. We'll try next week, i mean not try, we'll go next week.


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