April 7, 2012

Must Love Dogs

Dengue, the sixth member of our family, gave birth again! When Dengue's pregnant we'd immediately notice but this time we thought she was just getting bigger. We only found out two days before she gave birth to five adorable puppies.

Since our place is not big enough, we usually have the pups for adoption. Our only requirement for those who wish to adopt, they MUST LOVE DOGS! Any one up for adopting one of these cute puppies, feel free to email me with your contact number at joydamendiola@yahoo.com.

All pups were named after ice cream flavors
Rafael with CREAM

Juan with COOKIES

Julia with MOCHA

John with CHOCO


Below are photos of people who joyfully adopted Dengue's previous puppies.


  1. Replies
    1. are you sure you want one? pano ko papadala dyan, pa-package? hahaha! for your brother, you like? sige let me know agad if he likes ha. i can meet him somewhere.

  2. ang kukulet ng names ahhahahah naaliw ako:D

  3. gosh ingit ako..wanna have one..name him maxx! :)

  4. the next time I get another pet dog, I'l choose a low maintenance dog. hirap alagan ng hairy.. tuggsh,, magastos at matrabaho..

  5. sarap ng mga names ha! We love dogs, lalo na c arnold. Correct ka dyan mommy nors, kakainin ang oras mo, parang may baby ka ulit, heheheh


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