May 27, 2012

Stuff Cake

This stuff cake I did for  Grace To Be Born
Gift giving shouldn't be boring. Whenever I stand as Sponsor for Baptismal or attending first birthdays of my inaanaks, I'd prepare Stuff cake. Others call it diaper cake or nappy cake. I like to call it stuff cake because I don't just put diaper but also other stuff in it. It takes time and practice to do one. Well, having lots of inaanaks (100++) made me better in making one, two, three...

Step by step instructions on how to make your own Stuff Cake:

1. Prepare your materials: Rubber bands, double adhesive tape, cake board, and your chosen gift like baby shampoo, stuffed toys, powder, etc.

2. Roll each diaper tightly and secure it by using rubber band. 
3. In the middle, place your chosen core. I used 2 cans of milk for this project. 
4. Start by doing the first or bottom layer by circling around the core using the rolled up diapers. 
5. To hold each ring together, I use ribbons or big rubber band to secure everything.
6. For the top later, repeat the steps from the bottom layer using less rolled up diapers
7. For aesthetic purposes, I used baby shirts and towels to cover the body. Then added baby shoes and baby feeding bottles and pacifiers on the top.

 Stuff Cake I did  last May 19, for my newest inaanak Zoe
Tip: Start small. I practiced using face towels, then moved to hand towels until I got the hang of it.
This hand towel cupcakes sells at Php 60.00. Making your own  will cut the price in half or less.

1 layer stuff cake. The cover is a dress, inside stuff include baby powder, shampoo, diapers, wash cloth and undies.
This one is one of my earlier works.  See the body of the cake? It's uneven and unpolished. With practice, time and effort I got better at making it.

As I've mentioned above, gift giving shouldn't be boring. Instead of the usual, wrap it in a box, present gifts in a basket.
Chocolates given to my kids' teacher last Valentine's Day. Instead of giving it  as is , I bought heart shaped canisters and placed the chocolates inside. That way, the hardworking teachers can re-use the canisters.


  1. Cool!! i love it!! my talent k dn pla sa gnyan:)

    1. I lie doing this. But I can never do your balloon decor, takot ako sa balloon.

  2. YOu made the stuff cake? wow, you are so creative!

    1. I'm good at doing things with my hand...hmmm, may iba bang connotation?

  3. very creative ninang... thanks for the sharing the idea ^_^


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