April 24, 2012


Lifestyle writers, fashion bloggers and forever young junkies gathered earlier today at Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar  in Greenbelt 5 to discover and experience first-hand the power of a new player in skin care regeneration, DERMATOPOIETIN

DermatoPoietin product range has a complete face and body system, all working together with the promise to bring youthful glow back in one’s skin – from hair follicles to the nails of the toes.

Julianne Tarroja, a talent of Genesis, serenaded the crowd with original tracks from her album like Fly and Queen In Me, and made her own rendition of Yellow, a popular alternative song by the band Coldplay.

Coyiuto, President of eISkin was there to personally introduce Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Igor Petropavlov of United Technologies, the company behind the breakthrough product DERMATOPOIETIN

Dr. Petropavlov gave a background about the company, and introduced the venerable speaker, Swiss scientist Dr. Igor Pomytkin. 

Dr. Igor Pomytkin gave a thorough presentation of how powerful the main components of the new skin regeneration line are - after spending years of gently dissecting skincare intelligence by dealing with peptide complexes to increase collagen production, and to remarkably improve skin elasticity.

On top of the fine fare and classy entertainment, EISkin Laboratories also gave away six sets of DermatoPoietin Face, Body, and Hair systems, and one Samsung Galaxy Tab that were raffled off the media guests. The invitees also went home with DERMATOPOIETIN Eye-Contour Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Serums 1 &2, and Hand Rejuvenation Creams gift bag, so they can personally experience the skin regeneration properties of the Swiss product range. 

DERMATOPOIETIN, a product of Switzerland, is a testament that the Swiss are not just experts in making elegant watches; they are also masters in turning back the hands of time.

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