April 6, 2012

Up North

If there's one destination I'd choose to go back to again and again and again, it would be up North. We had great time exploring Ilocos Region via the invitation of our friends Edward and Amy. This was a trip we did last 2009. It took us more than 8 hours drive due to pit stop for we traveled with all our respective families. Before heading at Vigan, we stopped in this beautiful spot somewhere in Ilocos Sur where we had our breakfast.

We were warmly welcomed by Nanay and family (Amy's family).

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Lunch and dinner was always served with diningning and longganisa of varying types.

After unpacking our baggages we proceeded at a nearby ilog (river) where we soaked our tired bodies from the long travel. The water is very clean, which reminded me of the river at the back of our house.

It was the first time for all our kids to see a poso (water pump) so they enjoyed taking turns in pumping it. It was more like a play to them. Little did they know that in my time (and people my age and older) find this a tedious chore when Manila Water and Maynilad has not been established.

At night, we had bonfire; Hotdog on stick and marshmallows to munch on while talking about manananggal, aswang, multo and others. The children went to bed scared.

In the morning, we went to a farm where lots of mango trees were planted. The kids enjoyed watching while the mangoes fall from the tree. No one dared to climb the tree.

We went around town, tried Ilocos food like the empada. Sinful (very oily) but very delicious.

We also visited the late President Marcos' place.

Had photo ops at Fort Ilocandia

and checked out the beach near Fort Ilocandia


  1. ay yay yay!! sarap!! namiss ko ang aking lugar nung nsa high school ako...sa tabi lang kme ng AIRPORT Nkatira. yay! noong 2010 nagbakasyun kme kasama ko ang family ko tpos same tyu mazed n amazed dn ang mg akids sa poso ehehhe naku lumaki ako n nagbobomba (nde boldstar) ha...bomba tawag nila sa pag pump :) I love pagudpod! we stayed there for three days! dati nde nmn gnyan yan...p[inupunthan nmin yan dati nde p gaanong sikat :)

    1. grabe ang sarap doon. nothing beats the feeling spending time with good friends.

  2. Sayang sis. There were P88 tickets to Laoag with flight schedule until end of August thru Cebupac pero ubos na. I was able to get 3 for my tho. Punta kami Laoag and Vigan sa July. Weeeeh! No need to drive na!! Exciting!!!:)

    1. ganun kamura? wow! but we like doing road trips, para along the way, madami pang pwedeng daanan.


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