April 23, 2012

Wonderful Show at Club Mwah!

It's wonderful that Club Mwah is just nearby for whenever I feel sad I just have to walk to see their great show and be entertained for two hours. 

Club Mwah 's latest offering includes performances such as Christina Aguilera's Burlesque, Pattie La Belle's Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Beyonce's Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson's And I'm Telling You, and scenes from Chicago. The act where they spoofed Miss Saigon made me laugh so hard. 

Club Mwah is open Thurdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30pm.  Show starts at 9:30pm. It's nice to be there early so you have time to chat with friends or whoever is your date. For particulars, visit their website at www.clubmwah.com or email Mr. Pocholo at pocholomalillin@yahoo.com

After the first half of the show,  getting to know the guests (with a bit of okrayan or teasing) follows as the performers gets ready for the second half  

At the end of the show, guests are given the chance to have photo op with  the performers.
with my date, Lani


  1. ay ang saya saya nyan!!! sayang d mo ko nadala dyan no? heheheheh

  2. sana may time p nun para nakapaunta dn tyu dyan! pero mas masaya yung PAJAMA party ko kaya okay lang ....

    1. pag uwi mo pupunta na talaga tayo, kasama sila nora at jingke. Sagot mo na ha...lol!


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