May 30, 2012

Drum Tao’s Art of Drum Live in Manila

Be captivated by an evening of rhythm, beats, melody and extraordinary precision  that comes only from Japan's world-renowned Japan martial arts and drum-playing extraordinaires, Drum Tao, from July 12 -22 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila.

After playing to audiences of more than 5 million, in 400 cities in 17 countries that include Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, UK and Germany, critically-acclaimed Drum Tao, will perform live in Manila for 10 shows only. Hurry and get your tickets at Ticketworld . There is an early bird discount of 15% until June 8, 2012.

Scheduled shows are as follows:
July 12 (8pm), July 13 8pm, July 14 (3pm & 8pm), July 15 (4pm), July 19 (8pm), July 20 (8pm),

July 21 (3pm, 8pm), July 22 (4pm). Cebu show: September 1 Waterfront Hotel  (3pm, 8pm)

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Established in 1993, Drum Tao is world class entertainment at the highest level that continues to create an entirely new art form that is modern yet retains a sense of nostalgia.  Enthralling and mesmerising their audiences world-wide, the Japanese drum’s intense and powerful beat underpins a musical message that penetrates deep into the hearts of audiences.  It is an innovative contemporary Japanese production that has thrilled audiences with this ground-breaking presentation and one-of-a-kind show.

The two-hour extravaganza features super human efforts by the 16-strong highly disciplined crew of Japanese Taiko drummers, who spend eight months of the year touring the world, giving it their all in the 500 shows they perform a year.

Each Wadaiko Drum used in the  performance weighs a massive 400kg with a 1.7metre circumference. The performers then switch to creating complex rhythms on smaller drums, complemented by the delicacy of bamboo flutes and a horizontal harp. Drum Tao will transport its audience to an unforgettable artistic universe with their breath-taking and stunning performances.

While their skillful drumming is exhilarating, Drum Tao also leap around the stage performing intricate choreography with their split-second timing, dressed in flowing red and black robes.
The end result is mind-blowing martial arts married with mesmerising music, coupled with the musicians’ physical fitness, dynamism and extraordinary synchronicity, make them human rarities.

The incomparable quality and pure unadulterated power and spectacle of their performance perfectly blends the ancient traditions of the Taiko Drumming and martial arts mastery with the innovative and flawlessly choreographed production values of contemporary Japanese excellence.


  1. Wow this is extraordinary and they'll perform live in Manila! A world class entertainment definitely one should see!

  2. whoa this looks unique concert! i love it!

  3. this sure is a welcome treat...maiba naman!


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