May 4, 2012

Mara Smith - Aspiring Model and Singer

Meet Mara.  She is 15 years old, an incoming fourth year high school student. She was born in Long Beach, California to an American father and a Filipina mother. Mara and her mom went back to the Philippines in 1999, she was just 3 years old. When Mara was around eight years old, her dad wanted her to go back to America. Just her. Obviously, Mara's mom did not agree. Her father did not support Mara in anyway since then.

I first met Mara in 2009 at Grace to be Born - where she and her mom volunteers during weekends to tend to babies and pregnant moms in distress.  I first noticed Mara's beautiful and expressive eyes, and of course her height. Her semblance to Wilma Doesnt and Tyra Banks was apparent, too.  Mara's mom, Ate Lou, and I talked for long hours about Mara's dream of becoming a model. But due to financial constraint, she can't enroll to reputable modelling schools here in Manila.

Mara at 13 years old was already doing her share of socio-civic activity.
Last December 31, my husband took photos of Mara at The Legend Villas. Mara needed the pictures  for her application in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. She was hoping to join the said reality show, unfortunately, she didn't make it.

View more photos of Mara, HERE
A week ago, I posted about Julianne. Then I received an email from Mara telling me that she sings and plays the guitar as well.  It was a surprise for me to know that this girl has a lot of talent.  If honed, Mara can either be the next top model or a singer. Maybe both, why not?  

Ate Lou joked, asking if I'd like to manage Mara. I declined politely.  It's not my cup of tea (or maybe not yet?). This is my simple way of helping Mara - write about her aspirations, praying that talent managers take notice of this young hopeful. Maybe, just maybe, her look-alike and accomplished model, Wilma Doesnt read this post and take her under her wing, who knows...fate has its way.


  1. thanks ate joy, hopefully mara reaches her dreams!

  2. THANKS ate joy...
    hopefully mara will reach her dreams!


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