June 4, 2012

Back to School

It's the first day of classes for most schools today. I prepared so much for this day, starting last Friday when I ironed the school uniforms.

Even when we used to have house helpers in the past, I take pleasure in ironing my children's clothes . It used to take me less than an hour to finish 5 sets of uniforms for my 3 kids. But last Friday, it took me more than that to accomplish the task. Could it be because Julia, Rafael and Juan are taller now that they have bigger and longer uniforms or it's just that I'm getting slower because of getting older? I'd like to think  it's the former rather than the latter.

I haven't slept since 3am. I was too excited for today is Juan's first day in big school. I do not want to play favorites, but being the bunso, Juan made me jittery because he's a bit shorter than his Ate and Kuya when they were in Grade 1. I'm afraid he might be bullied in school or that he might pee on his shorts.  

As always, Juan is one independent boy. I wanted to carry his bags but he refused. When I waved to say goodbye, he was totally cool.  What made me sad is that he didn't give me a hug and a kiss - not even a flying hug and a flying kiss that he used to do when he was in Kinder. How time flies...


  1. Awww, i know exactly how you feel! Minsan mas scared pa si Mommy for her kids, right :-) But congrats to Juan for being such a big boy!

  2. awww..this is so cute and I want to hug Juan! Thumbs up to you Mommy Joy for job well done in ironing clothes! ahihi.. you are so organized. I haven't ironed uniforms of my kids yet, I just prepared one set.. maybe later today or tomorrow pa ko since my older kid ay di pa nagstart ng school.. i woke up early today and now adjusting to a new sleeping pattern again. hehe.

    getting older? wag naman.. dika pa nag 40 hehe..

  3. Oh my separation anxiety. Maybe he just got excited and forgot to kiss and hug. As always my style, i ask for the kiss and hug so our kids follow our lead :)

    Re bullies, never underestimate the power of Juan. He maybe smaller but his being nice will protect him from being bullied :) pray nlng tyo mga nanay hehe

  4. Aww. Big boy na si Juan! Another milestone for the family! :D

  5. the kid is so excited to even forget to say goodbye and kiss mom, same with my youngest. he forgot mom, whenever he is in the classroom.

  6. graduate na ako kaya sa ganyan? homeschooling na kami simula ngayong schoolyear...pero dahil sa nakailan na akong ganyang experiences with the older ones, hmmm...alala ko mas anxious pa ako lagi :-)


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