June 18, 2012

Correlation Between Height and Sleep

While purchasing some clothes at Bench - Shangri-La Mall, I chatted with a nice woman. Behind her was a pretty and tall young girl who kept checking on the woman I was talking to. I asked if the pretty girl is with her, and the woman beamed with pride, "yes, she's my daughter!".

Meet 21 year old Janine Go. She works as Flight Attendant at Cebu Pacific. I told her that it was my dream to be a flight attendant when I was in elementary. The sad thing is I didn't grow tall enough. I also told Janine, I sure hope that my daughter grow tall like her. Janine was more than happy to tell me the secret on how or why she grew this tall - she slept a lot when she was in elementary. Her dad, gave her cod or fish or liver oil  to take daily along with vitamin C.

Janine's cheerful and friendly attitude  made her more beautiful.

Janine and her Mom
The big question is: Is there really a correlation between height and sleep? Most books I read indicated that we cannot discount genetic factor when it comes to height, but yes, there is a connection between sleep and height since getting enough sleep is vital to the amount of growth hormones that the body produces.  I can attest to this because my younger brother and younger sister are much taller that me for they slept longer when we were young. With my children, I make it a point they get a minimum 8 hours sleep. If they sleep longer, I'm very happy. Every night, as much as I can, I massage their feet because I read somewhere in the past that doing so induces sleep, thus making a kid grow taller. This and more I have to wait in the next 10 years. I'm crossing my fingers, as well as my toes, for I want my kids to be taller. 


  1. I believe so. kasi when i was a kid, di ako natutulog, sa wala ako siesta time, tapos aga ko gising, kaya eto ako, hehe. imagine if you're taller, naku teh, nasa yo na lahat. tama na yung maganda ka at katamtaman lang height.. :)

    1. naku Nuts, kung tumangkad talaga ako, mag aartista ako...mala Sam Pinto, yes! sa panaginip na lang yan...boom, joy pick-up!

  2. She's so tall! I hope my daughter will also grow tall like her. And you are more than qualified to be a flight attendant if you just meet the height requirement.


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