June 6, 2012

Let Love Be the Way

Sometimes it feels like there are so many things in this world
 we can't control - earthquakes, floods, reality shows.
But it's important to remember the things that we can -
like forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts.
Because the one thing that turns the world from a lonely place 
to beautiful place is love. Love in any of its forms. 
Love gives us hope...

Quoting the lines above from the movie New Year's Eve which I just finished watching minutes ago. I wasn't able to watch this movie in the cinema. Good thing (as always) there's Video City where I can run to for movies I'd like to catch back on. With an all-star cast - Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Jon Bon Jovi, Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher and many others, this is such a nice movie to watch, especially for those who are in extreme pain (be it physical and emotional). This movie made me cry not just because I'm near my monthly period but more so with the intertwining stories of love in all its facets - love between father and daughter, between mother and daughter, between acquaintances, and romantic love.
Julia's artworks

I'm not going into details, just watch it. A good cry will help clear those nagging negative feelings you may be carrying around.


  1. Aayyy.. akala ko kung ano na. Iba pala to sis. Hehe.

  2. thanks for sharing this...will check this out:-)


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