June 21, 2012


At Pacific Star yesterday, a new magazine aptly named THE NEW YOU was presented to the media. Gracing the event is none other than the The Awesome Body Issue cover, the beautiful and sexy Sam Pinto. John Spainhour (at the back cover) was also at the event

THE NEW YOU is a quarterly guide to aesthetic medical tourism in the Philippines. It is divided into sections, namely Beauty Buzz (beauty products), Skin Deep (invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures), Laugh (dental concerns), Vision (ophthalmology and optometry), Bounce and Polish (hair and nails), Make Me Over (patients and doctors talk on cosmetic procedures), Medical Tourism (hospitals and clinics), All Natural (organic products), Headway (around the world), Focus (doctors, dentists) and Talking Beauty (events). 

THE NEW YOU target readers are AB and C thus actively promotes hotels, leisure, destinations and entertainment which complements medical tourism.

THE NEW YOU is carried by Mega Publishing and is available at National Bookstores, Powerbooks, Fullybooked and Robinsons Departments Stores for only P200.

THE NEW YOU   Editorial Line up for 2012:

March - May : The Medical Tourism Issue
June - August : The Awesome Body Issue
September - November : The Asian Body Issue
December - February : The Great Holiday Smile Issue

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  1. Cute ni Sam. Saw her once at Resorts World. Yay, I wish I was that slender!


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