June 21, 2012

Right Choice

I've been seeing my friends from my previous jobs lately. They say I look better than I used. They say I look happier. 

Blasting nine years from the past, most of my close relatives and friends advised me not to leave my career because I will be losyang (looking old) and that I will be wasting the years I spent in College.  But hell no! Nothing has given me more joy than being a full-time mother.  I may not have the awards such as Employee of the Year or Best in Sales and Marketing but all the accolade I get from my children made me a better person. Julia, Rafael and Juan's presence give me that youthful feeling. Their love protects me from this cruel world (drama ko na lang yan, lol).

Conversations like below makes me realize, oh yeah, I made the right choice 9 years ago:

Just today:

Juan: Mom, I smell something really good under this sando (inner shirt).
Me: Maybe, it's the cologne that you put.
Juan: No, Mom. I think it's because of the person who laba this sando. I think she's so beautiful and sexy. 
Well, well, ako ang naglalaba ng aming mga damit!  
(Tawa lang, life's too short not to enjoy it.)

That's Juan's hand on my waist., trying to stop me from hugging Thor statue (nagseselos sya)


  1. Definitely you really had the right choice! Ang cute ni Juan, miss you baby!

    1. Juan gives me so much happiness...bolero e. di mana sa tatay.

  2. sarap naman. kinikilig ako. ganun naman diba? mag rereflect talaga sa katawan mo if you're happy or stressed out. ^^

    1. yes, F, talagang halata sa katawan pag okay ang tao. thanks for visiting here. mishu na...

  3. pwede banag magpalaba na rin sayo,mare? kakatuwa naman ng comment, very sincere. Pag nasa corporate ka bihira ka makakarinig ng ganyang nice comments


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