June 28, 2012

Sam Pinto - FHM's Sexiest Woman

For the second time around, Sam Pinto is FHM's Sexiest  Woman. I  had the privilege to interview her at The New You Press Launch. She's even more beautiful in person. Her body is chiseled perfectly  that one would think she did enhancement. Although Sam doesn't want to go under the knife to  enhance her look (she doesn't need any by the way) she respects the people who believe and adhere to it.

Sam said she eats anything and she's not big on exercising. She swims at their pool from time to time to keep her strong. Her secret to body beautiful, aside from her genes, she eats in small portion every two hours.

At 22, Sam is the hottest woman in showbiz and she's not just another pretty face, she speaks and carry herself well. She said that she's very thankful for having this career but admits that she misses going to mall anytime she wants to.  

Sam is very accommodating with fans who wants to take photos with her but she hopes people will understand that she's also a human being who gets tired and cranky at times, especially after nights of no sleep from shootings and tapings. 

I told Sam how much I love the Bubble Gang's Boy Pick-up segment, she was grateful and said she love her role as Neneng B (B for Baket). She even gave her own pick-up line to the press:

Sam:    Payong ka ba?
John: (the crowd helped John to say the word) Baket?
Sam:   Kasi umuulan ng kagwapuhan.


  1. waaaahahaha! same naman pala kame ni Sam eh when it comes to eating eh, but mine is big portion every two hours.. lol

    Si Sam ka din ba??
    Baket? Kasi, kung pumik-ap ka, Sam-a eh.. lol. Ppeaceeee. lol


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