July 30, 2012

BDJ Rendezvous at SM Makati

It's been quite awhile since I last attended Belle De Jour's Rendezvous.  I feel too old for the crowd. Once there, age does not matter. Both young and old ladies (a handful of men came in, too) had fun joining games and asking questions about fashion and life as a whole. 

Kat Dy, hosted the event and was also the speaker for the "Work-Wear Essentials". This I'll be sharing in my other blog: www.joyousfashionandbeauty.blogspot.com

PJ Lanot delivered an outstanding (fun and inspirational) talk on how to Really Shine. 

All the girls went home with raffle prizes,

and game prize, too.

As always, Darlyn Ty was the busiest - taking photos, checking the sound system, the projector, the prizes, the program and serving food for all the Bellas.

Kahanga-hanga ka talaga, Dar!

Special thanks to my friend, Beth, for signing me up for this event. Sayang nga lang, she was not able to make it. Labyu, Betchabye! 


  1. aww...envy envy...im excited for your blog about Kat's talk! Ü

  2. I'll try and finish Kat's talk agad for you.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, sure, Hon. BDJ has a requirement nga lang that you've got to have BDJ Planner to have the BDJ exclusive card. Sama tayo on October for their BDJ Fest. Dun pede na bumili ng planner nila.

  4. I was at this event too and I agree that PJ's talk was really inspirational. I didn't get to start Kat's talk, sayang, but she was really a good host.

    1. Kat's talk was also very helpful. I'll be writing about it soon in my fashion blog.


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