July 7, 2012

Dogs Do Fall In Love

The animated movie Lady and the Tramp is a story of a female dog (Lady) who lives with an upper middle class family, while Tramp is a male stray dog. They fell for each other and the rest is history.  I watch dog movies like this with my children but I never  give it much thought nor ever imagined that this will happen to our dog, Dengue. But it did...

Last January, a stray dog who wandered into our street made a home for himself under our car. My daughter called him Skinny for he was super thin when we first saw him. A canine love story soon  blossomed. Skinny, stayed under our car, constantly protecting Dengue from other male dogs. He  never left and practically made that little corner his territory. Though we tried to shoo him many times, he'd still return and guard not just Dengue but us and our house as well. My husband started feeding Skinny, until he's not skinny anymore. We then called him Ski.

For months, Ski became a member of our family. He and Dengue even had 5 pups. Though he was very protective to my family most of our neighbors and passersby were very afraid of him. The laundry guys and water delivery boys cannot get near our house because of Ski.

Two months ago, Ski was picked up by the dog pound personnel. We can't do anything. We do not know the real owners of Ski. We, specially our kids miss Ski a lot. No one barks so loud now when someone gets near our car. No tail wiggles now when we come home from a trip. Most of all, Dengue is getting skinny lately. Probably missing the love of her life. We can only hope that Ski or Skinny is well taken cared of at the dog center.

Now I know, dogs do fall in love - not just in movies but in real life as well. 

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  1. Huh? Really? I am not sure about this cos we don't have dogs. Hehe.

    Btw, your gift was included on my first post sis. Here is the link to part 1 http://www.pinkmagaline.com/2012/07/treats-and-gifts-part-1.html.


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