July 9, 2012

Learning A Skill in Hair Cutting

I used to cut my younger brother's hair when we were kids. The final outcome infuriated our mother because I made my sibling's head looked a lot like bao (coconut shell). Our neighbor, Kandyong, will then be called to fix what I messed.

At present, I'd cut my sons hair from time to time. It gives me pleasure cutting their hair but the result oftentimes disappoints Rafael. He used to appreciate my cutting when he was in pre-school. Since he's now in elementary, he is familiar with what a coconut shell cut is - and he doesn't like it.

Before. Naka smile pa si Rafael
After. Nakasimangot na, ayaw ng gupit .
Juan, on the other hand is still manageable. With a little kiss here and there, he forgets that his top looks like bao.


After. Happy pa din even with an ugly cut

Wanting to do it best and right, I enrolled in our City Skill Training Center. The training will last for 3 months,  from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 11:30. Today is my first of class...I'm still doing this post..gotta go. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY MORNING TO ALL MY BELOVED READERS!


  1. hahahahahhahah ;))) kalokah!!! ahahhaha si ETHAn ko na appreciate nya ang gupit ko sa knya ;) (kasi bata pa LOL)

    1. di pa nagrereklamo si Ethan bata pa e. maybe in the next 3 yrs...

  2. ate joy! alala ko pa rin 'yung araw na ginupitan mo ako at kung paano na-disappoint si mama. hehe! enjoy sa classes! happy birthday bukas!

    1. noy, mas maayos-ayos na ko mag gupit ngayon. napag praktisan na kita e. now, el at one naman. sa susunod si kuya john na gugupitan ko...tapos, malay mo, parlor na!


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