July 16, 2012


I like surprising love ones, my specialty is doing surprise parties. Last July 12, for my 39th birthday, I was given a dose of my own medicine. My friends connived and surprised me by bringing food for us to take part in.

Although I just wanted to rest and sleep on my birthday, I really appreciate what Jenny, Jing, Jingke, Bedz, Nora and Honey did. Knowing that each of them are busy moms just like me, they all took time and effort to be with me even for a short period of time. They all came wearing red, I had to change to be in with the motif . More than the gifts, their presence  made me very happy.

I'm extra joyful that my non-blogger friends came in to greet me on my special day:
Ms. Rose of Medicard

Teacher Joy of Angel's School

Ella of Sunlife
Cris of PCU
My nephew, Jomes.
Lani and Angela of Dominican College

I appreciate all birthday greetings  I received at FB.  One message stood among the rest, from  Lyn Vallejera: "God bless you bountifully and continue to write your blog, I enjoy reading them".


  1. Suprised sis! Haha! We had fun. Thanks to you!! Happy birthday again!!!

  2. All for the love of JOY! So glad that we made u happy! :-)

  3. I'm happier to see you happy! I made it though I was a bit late that day. was busy but I couldn't afford to miss that big day! Happy birthday! Thanks at nagustuhan mo chicken ko, next adventure, I'll cook chicken naman hehe.

  4. I Agree Jing all for the love of joy :)


Thank you for the joyful comments!